Monday, June 23, 2008

The High-Price of Oil: Who's to Blame?

Washington D.C.--You're actually asking this goddamned stupid question, CNN? Are you fucking idiots? No, don't answer, we already know that you are. We're all to blame for the high-price of oil because America uses too much. We drive too much, our wasteful business community and related industries use far too much, our military uses far too much, and we just don't want to learn.

So, instead of actually doing something marginally proactive about it, Congress had more hearings today. C-Span has been covering it most of the day, as well as the major news outlets that we all love. Great. Nothing changed. The logical thing for the representatives in Congress (for now) to do is to question themselves, an added masturbatory-tone to their usual back-and-forth. Now spit.

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