Thursday, June 26, 2008

The New Devil's Dictionary: Assassination

Assassination, v.--An amoral act by the citizen of a country to alter the social order when the legal recourse of the rule of law has broken-down. With extremely mixed-results, assassination is also utilized by the State against citizens and foreign leaders when they stop following the orders of their superiors.

The last resort of the desperate under conditions of an anthropological crisis that threatens the survival of a nation, even human civilization, and makes a great gift.

A single moment in human history--capable of
irrevocably altering the course of events--where the last are first, and the first are last. The power of the little man against the big man, and a reminder to the powerful that they too are mortal (the act of defecation and the aging-process not being persuasive enough).

The reemergence of the competitive-drive of the simian human race within the polity, and the end of nations. An amoral seizure of power through violence, as seen in the revolutions of the 20th century. A method of the State and economic interests in holding-back social reforms through the murder of sincere progressive leadership. Collateral damage. Also known as and entertaining form of performance art for the mentally-ill and the rest of us.

The wholesale and justifiable slaughter of civilians for the enrichment of the few. The logical ending of the social contract, and the descent into the maelstrom, as well as a nice appetizer before the main course. The beginning and the end of everything. What human beings were designed to do when things get too comfy.

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