Sunday, June 01, 2008

DCPhonelist Shuttering Searches on DC Madam Phone Records Soon

--I think the idea is wrong-headed. Why? There are a lot of reasons. First, read the message from the site:

We are saddened to learn of Ms. Palfrey's death and hope that her friends and family can find comfort at a difficult time. We have decided to permanently retire the site in the coming days. Since Ms. Palfrey is no longer with us to help place context to any numbers appearing on her phone bill, it will be unfair to anyone whose number is on the list for reasons other than using her service. (
The sentiments are surely good ones, and probably appreciated by Jeane's family, however, it's doubtful that she would have been able to aid in much more additional-context with the phone numbers.

Why? Jeane had myself and others scouring the records for "big names" during our general research into deeper subpoenaed information in her phone records. We used DCPhonelist as our search tool. She didn't know what she had.

That's right, the DC Madam needed them as her finding tool. It doesn't matter that she's gone, because she only knew so much, and couldn't prove certain contentions. My personal opinion is that she wasn't paying that much attention during the 13 years of Pamela Martin & Associates. That's an observation from my correspondence and phone contact with Ms. Palfrey.

Anyway, some extraordinary contentions were made to myself and others prior to trial. This is why her trial was so underwhelming.
Proof. But go ask Alex Jones, when he's ten-feet-tall--he doesn't need much proof to be convinced of something--anything--that turns him a buck and keeps the lights on down in expensive Austin.

DCPhonelist's materials and search capabilities should remain up for the curious, and others wanting to continue the research. Is there more there in those records? Definitely, she just didn't know what she had, but ABC and did and still do know. That's why they suppressed disclosure of the "little fish": the lobbyists, the military officers, the major shareholders, those with security clearances, and probably much more.

The cynic in me (what else is there?) says that with the media circus over, and nothing more to be gained, the folks over at DCPhonelist decided to call-it-quits. They should consider finding someone else to host the materials for posterity, perhaps a university, maybe even some Danish hackers. Any takers? Oh yes, this story is far from over...

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