Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dear Congress...

Viddy well, brothers (and sisters--kick out the jams), viddy well: Go fuck yourselves. I'm hardly alone in this sentiment. You've read the polls, you know why, and you won't change. Therefore, you've got to go, and go many of you will in November. You're complicit in the ruination our country.

That means you too, Joe Donnelly. Your campaign people were actually stupid enough to call my home to ask if I'd volunteer to help in your reelection. What?! For a meat puppet, human compost-heap like you? A sell-out? A twit? A yes man? Disappointed? Civility? You won't listen to the will of the people, you don't deserve any, you stupid asshole, you petit bourgeois businessman (that was the first obvious sign-of-trouble).

Nope, I knew you were a liar and cheat before you ever beat that other idiot, Chris Chocola, another former politician you resemble in behavior. And Tony Zirkle is horrible, but at least we know what to expect out of him every single time: the same as from you, so we don't vote for him if we're sane.

You've got to be fucking kidding me, Joe, I want you gone, forever (and that's a mighty long time, but there's something else--the afterworld...). You didn't get my vote in the primary, and I'll vote against you in November.

I'll also encourage my friends and family to do likewise. Rocky & Bullwinkle might get that vote, or even Madonna, but whoever it is, it's going to beat voting for your two-faced husk. Go away, fuck-off. Take this incumbent away, it is wrong.

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