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Have You Seen This Cookie Dough Eating Woman? Editor Ponders Whether He's Gotten a Visit from 'Dr.' Paula Neble

--A curious gaggle of visitors have been clustering to this site from almost the very moment of its coverage about the legal predicament of Deborah Jeane Palfrey. So far, it's been a truly stunning-array.

It could be presumed that many of these visitors are professionals, individuals in officialdom, corporate executives and functionaries, members of think-tanks, former presidential advisers (and/or their agents), agents of the federal government, private military and intelligence contractors (SAIC & MITRE have visited--the 'mitre' being the fish-shaped hat the Nazi Pope wears, originally coming from the Cult of Dagon), our generally poor mainstream media, some officeholders, possible intelligence offices of several nations, NATO's offices, numerous federal departments and administrations, Congress, the Navy (one of the most frequent of 'official' guests), the United States Army--even the unholy five-sided Pentagon itself has been here, that archetype of evil and death.

Washington D.C. isn't just 'Hollywood for ugly people,' it's that strangest-of-places where there are so many professional conventions, minus the normal conventionalism of the little people. It's academic to say that many of these site hits are individuals in the phone records of Pamela Martin & Associates. It's certain.

But even early-on, there were some visitors who just kept coming back, popping-up on the site meter periodically, and that was especially curious to this writer. The National Institutes of Health is one, while one from Severna, Maryland just returns over-and-over. The one with is plainly peculiar. While Palfrey's client-base extends into Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and even New York City, there have been a number of hits to this site from Maryland that just keep returning, and they too revisit over-and-over again.

NIH seemed out-of-place at first, but then, you have to realize that some of Ms. Palfrey's escorts were extremely professional individuals, and so were the clients--especially so in some cases. Those professional clients and small businessmen aren't the ones the public wants and needs to know about--we need to know what officials in (and out) of the phone records and contractors of the government are doing on our dollar and in our name. Are any of these site hits 'Dr.' Paula Neble? Yes, I'm being sarcastic, but I'm saying she has visited here. We know her handlers have.

Paula Neble has claimed to many people that she was a doctor--she isn't a real doctor (doctor of lunacy perhaps), or even a college graduate, and it's likely that the government has probably helped her to go 'underground' (a hint to journalists: stakeout her mother's house if you haven't been already).

Neble is that strange case: she isn't really the kind of woman Palfrey appears to have hired normally, so perhaps she tried to have all the appearance of being like the others. Why? Surely, it could have just been a ploy to get hired, and Neble may have been extremely out of her depth. It would explain a lot.

Being the same age as many of her government handlers at Justice, she's probably felt a kind of camaraderie with some of them, since they also appear to be overextended themselves. Or maybe it's just a case of the Stockholm syndrome on her part. Who ever said playtime ended after childhood? Life is like the movies. Would they all be more well-behaved in a better world? Nah. Playtime's over, and Hollywood's on-strike. This is about affecting a real defendant's life with real world consequences for all involved. Justice isn't being served, and that's serious. This writer believes Judge Kessler suspects this as well.

Remember the late Dr. Brandy Britton, a doctor of Sociology? Dead. That's serious, and so is 55 years in prison. That's one's natural life. Equally serious is the threat posed by a case like this to due process. If the government has had such a great case all-along with such heavy, punitive charges against the defendant, why then do they keep claiming secrecy rules because there's 'an ongoing investigation' that could be compromised? That's a lame excuse, it's as flaccid as a politician's penis.

Palfrey named Neble in a civil suit for a breach of contract back in the Spring of this year (for engaging in prostitution against her express wishes), and Neble has been that one lone name we all learned early-on in this story. She's the first of the government's witnesses/informants to be made public. We probably wouldn't even know her name had the defendant not filed the civil suit against her. Where is she hiding, and why is she being afforded the kind of anonymity that the defendant hasn't?

At this point, it should be obvious that the prosecution knows full-well that Palfrey has a good idea of the names of her accusers and some of their backgrounds...but the public doesn't, and the prosecution wants to prevent this for some reason. Conversely, they have selectively released edited evidence to specific media outlets such as the Smoking Gun.

We--the public--know virtually nothing about Paula Neble...and neither does her mother. What she appears to be is a pathological liar being harbored and used as a 'cooperating witness' against Deborah Jeane Palfrey in a government case gone very wrong. We just don't know much of anything except that she had Senator David Vitter and Harlan Ullman as clients and a few anecdotes. Paula's poor mother must be appalled.

Until May, she had no idea what her daughter was up to, and it seems very few others did either. This is troubling in a criminal case with an impending trial set for February 19th, but Judge Kessler could open the doors to a real discovery process after the end of this month. But it should be remembered that Palfrey has filed the suit against as many as 15 other 'Jane Does,' probably being her last crew of escorts.

Research by the New York Daily News (by journalist James Meek back in early-May) and WTOP has uncovered the fact that Neble never earned a doctorate, or any degree at all. According to Meek's questioning of her mother, she only took a few biology classes at the college level. Why would she go around claiming she had a doctorate when she didn't? Again, she was presenting a picture of a different person to Palfrey and others, and the reasons could be very banal. But, amazingly, that's it--we know nothing more about her, and she changed her name in 2001.

She really seems like a mixed-up hustler who got into something much bigger than she could handle. This has some interesting echoes with the Naval Academy 'supply officer' who is--astonishingly enough--still employed at Annapolis! It might be assumed that she must have served some overarching purpose, and that they know some pretty compromising information on (self-) 'important' people. People like Harlan Ullman and Vitter. This writer's money is on a connection to the Cunningham scandal, and Palfrey has dropped the name in the past. The involvement of SAIC-employee tends towards this thesis as well.

Neble didn't have much of an education when she worked for Pamela Martin & Associates, so it's strange that anyone would have believed that a cookie-dough eating, sleazy romance novel reading Texan could be anything other than what she really was: a pathological liar and a loser with little-or-no grasp of the truth. Did she have some gift for the gab? How did she pull-it-off? At least that's what acquaintances of Neble have been saying. This site enjoins anyone with direct information about Ms. Neble to come forward with it, we're all interested to know what kind of individuals the government uses as witnesses/informants under the Bush administration's (or any other) Justice Department. Neble's old apartment was catty corner to the Pentagon, and like many of the current administration's ranks and supporters, she's from Houston, Texas.

The government had better hope she's not their star witness. She's out there, somewhere, eating cookie-dough on the taxpayer's dime, lying to her government babysitters who likely tired of her boorishness long-ago. Funny, she sounds like my ex. My guess is the feds are keeping Ms. Plump in a safe house--not from criminal danger of any kind, but from public scrutiny since she's already displayed all the traits of a bad witness for any case. Where? Probably within the Washington D.C. area, and that she and her handlers have been poring-over the internet since they have a lot of time on their hands. They should, they might be in a lot of trouble. You can probably bank on that one too.

And it would also be interesting to know specifically if Ms. Neble ever had any contact (physical) with Ret. Colonel Ronald Roughead of SAIC, and Brent Wilkes. SAIC could be linked to the Cunningham scandal by-way of 'Hookergate.' We could be finding-out a whole lot more of the narrative after the TRO (temporary restraining order) hearing on November 28th, the other turkey day with the accusers playing the bird. Here's to a good carving-up.

With luck, federal District Judge Gladys Kessler will allow Palfrey's civil suit to go forward, and the accuser will finally be forced out into the sunlight. Neble won't be the only name released after a lifting of the restraining order on Palfrey's suit against Neble, we'll know more about her accusers and why the government prosecution didn't want us to. What a Strange Brew. (Revised, 11.08.2007)

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