Friday, November 16, 2007

60,000 Reagan Library Artifacts Missing: A Reflection

Simi Valley, California--Think about it--who must have stolen it all? I personally wouldn't want any of it and would never visit the library unless it was over an FOIA. It was REPUBLICANS (pedophiles) who stole the majority of it, let's be frank. Doesn't that really say it all? Who else would want any of it if they weren't an exorcist? In order to downplay these facts--that 3/4's of the artifact collection are now gone--the media told us that '20,000 are missing.' But the library belongs at its current location: where all the dirty, racist L.A. cops live, the hottest part of the greater Los Angeles area. They say it's hot as hell there. I was in Chicago once and saw a hologram of his head--the detail was so amazing you could discern his lack of intelligence. He also had a bad case of dandruff the day the holographic photo was taken. At least his kids figured it out: he was always a simple, wrong-headed dope who should have remained as a minor actor or a lifeguard. He was generally an absentee father. What a goofy Maoist cult ya'll have there. He was a much better actor as president. OK, you got me: immigration is bad, his ancestors should never have been allowed into America. That'll learn ya.'

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