Friday, November 23, 2007

Middle East Peace Conference Next Week in Annapolis Raises Questions

Annapolis, Maryland
--Will Ed Norris and Ronald Roughead be providing the women for the Saudi contingent (nah, they want 13-year-old boys), or the Naval Academy itself through Ron's brother CNO Gary Roughead? Will football players be raping anymore midshipmen for shits-and-giggles, and will their football team ever recover from the sex scandals? Will the indefatigable Mark Capansky ever be playing for them, or just procuring?

Will the 'supply officer' [Ed., 07.03.2008-Rebecca Dickinson] ever swap her ass for privileges again? Is the Naval Academy really a giant experiment by the Kinsey Institute in simian sex-patterns? Can I think of anything else they might be up to, like the instructor at Annapolis who made commemorative DVDs of his sexploits with coeds? Walk that plank. Piracy is alive-and-well, and it has moved inland.

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