Monday, November 05, 2007

Why a Flat Tax is a Shite Idea...

What, are you stupid? Don't answer. Think about it: Because the poor will bear the brunt of the taxes, just ask an economist or a CPA who isn't a liar. I don't care if you're a small business owner (most of whom are over-empowered idiots anyway) and you hate the paperwork. Tough shit. And you libertarians (the Elmer Fudd Party of 'merica) are not only stupid, but anti-society like the Republicans. That's why nobody takes you seriously, and why bullshit walks. Look in the mirror Fudd-libertarians: bullshit is looking back at you, and you're a pathetic joke on yourselves. People laugh at you. Children laugh at you. Your mama dresses you funny, and better people in better countries are laughing at you. They're doing it right now. You look like the scared little man-children that you all are with your Elmer Fudd shooters. The Nazis said they would make society simpler too, and we know how that one worked-out. Face it: modernity isn't going-away, and complexity is the price of living in a modern society. The frontier is over, and the Old West is gone, wake up. And yes, the late Frank Zappa was also wrong-wrong-wrong about this one, and this is coming from a fan. Wrong is wrong, and enticing a few acid casualties with legalizing pot does not a national party make.

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