Thursday, November 29, 2007

'Producers Make New Offer to Writers'

1968--Imagine if Hollywood had writers like the characters in the original 'Producers' did, with the same scheme! Oh wait, they are good at creating bombs-galore in Hollywood, sorry. 'Bialystok and Bloom! Good dag for day!' Sorry Mel, I loved the original, but you're a very nice man in-person, and you are loved by so many for making us all laugh so hard that pop and milk was streaming out of our noses. God rest Anne Bancroft, she was a mensch too, perhaps one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in the history of American film, and that's saying something. When I saw 'Young Frankenstein' (a classic) as a kid, that opening-prologue scared me though, but then I was five. It was so close to the original imagery of the 1931 Frankenstein that it really freaked-me-out--even the van der graf generators were the originals! It must be strange to have been a writer on the 'Show of Shows,' live through the horrors of the 1960s-to-now, and finally see the damage being wrought by Bush II. But it's good to get old and wise, yes it is. What makes it good is that we can tell the kids what we've learned living this condition called 'human,' and Mel Brooks is probably the warmest, most human being in the public sphere that this era will ever know. Thanks Mel, you're appreciated. It's good to be King, yes.

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