Friday, November 16, 2007

The New Devil's Dictionary: Advertising

n-A modern affliction commonly misconstrued as innocuous, but really qualifies as business propaganda. The medium of the modern age, immersing as many as it can in its nexus of control and channeling, towards the destruction of independent will, thought, and imagination.

The end of culture and the primary tool in the drive towards a total ecological and anthropological-catastrophe for the sake of power. A form of propaganda born out of the Information Bureaus of WWI, with contributions towards psychological manipulations coming from Edward Bernays (at top left), the nephew of Sigmund Freud.

Advertising frequently portrays human beings in situations, doing and saying things a human being would never do or say. Current copyright legislation prevents the public from the sampling and
recontextualization (and dissemination) of advertising materials as an antidote through artistic works, and in every medium. A lie predicated on inducing a person to buy something that they don't want or need, to rob them of their money.

All of this is meant to rob the individual of their past, and therefore their values, principles, and their very identity. Government approved mind control towards the pacification of the public mind. Control comes from an exchange between the ownership of production, coming through the commodity itself, and flowing- out from the individual. An ocean of lies. Also utilized in the control of information in publications, websites, television, and other forms of media which are starved of governmental funds that are routinely funneled into corporations without so much as a blink. Institutionalized disempowerment, robbing the individual of the ability to see the bars of their own cage.

A method taken-up by business to socialize generation-after-generation improperly. The monstrous distraction of this era, yet taken as normal because of its ubiquity. The closest example today of human evil since the Holocaust, and once copied by the National Socialism (Nazism) for their own propaganda models. The ruination of all that is sacred in human life for the sake of the marterialist-Shibboleth called consumerism, destroying: friendship, love between two souls, human memory, brotherhood, solidarity, trust, faith, and hope.

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