Thursday, November 29, 2007

Call me paranoid, but it's just a thought... (Lori Price Au-Go-Go)

--Don't you think one of the best ways to disrupt a genuine grassroots movement is to have a bunch of dummy groups (like, say, disrupting the focus from the real players (like Public Citizen or FAIR), eating-up donations, and basically causing division amongst the rest of us? Not that they even need to really be working for the government, mind you. I'd say they accomplish the same things anyway.

CLG, or 'Citizens for Legitimate Government.' Sounds similar to CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington), doesn't it? Never heard of em' before 'hookergate,' not-a-peep. Neither had some prominent activists and writers I've corresponded with over the last year. One of them referred to them as 'Citizens for Illegitimate Government,' and this was from a former board member of Common Cause.

They had never heard of them before. I won't quote from my correspondence with the nefarious Lori Price, but her side was pretty juvenile, and bizarre, and it surrounded my research into the so-called 'DC Madam's' phone records--the person-in-question was Ret. Colonel Ronald Roughead of SAIC, and brother of CNO Read Admiral Gary Roughead.

The issue was over plagiarism, as I'm the first to publish any meaningful research on his significance in the phone records, and it all began thanks to an omission of credit in a Palfrey defense newsletter sent-out by her counsel.
What Price glory? All these anagrams start sounding like that song from 'Hair'...

I grant that my original e-mail was extremely-blunt (I didn't let-up that she was probably engaged in plagiarism), but then the childishness began with Ms. Price gloating over her site's hits-and-readership, then it devolved (on her end, not mine) into personal attacks and a flat-denial that: a) I was the original source, yet b) she had done her homework, and the article was solid...something in that (dis)order, wafting from her general direction.

Rather than listen to a story that I feel is urgent--that the information on Roughead must be disseminated far-and-wide, and that numerous others need to bear witness to it and do more research where mine has left-off, the exchange ended with Price calling me a Republican, which is
truly price-less. She also called me a 'sociopath,' which was hurtful. ;0) Maybe she's the same Moveon woman that assaulted me at the stage-managed 'protest' that I was at last June.

Never mind that I explained ad infinitum to Price that the story appears to be very important, and that many mainstream media outlets won't even acknowledge receipt of any of it, this was all about fame and exposure for Lori, yet she accused me of the same. Hopefully, the rest of the internet and 'progressive' world will 'price-less' too, and she can take Eli Pariser and a number of other human problems in the 'progressive' community with her for good measure.

Nah-h-h-h-h-h-h, I think I will publish those e-mails at some inopportune (for Price) moment. And to Rob Capriccioso: there is no story regarding Sam Donaldson in the phone records of Deborah Jeane Palfrey. Now, that you've gotten into even deeper trouble with this silly-ass story about Trent Lott and a male escort, maybe you can fess-up about the Donaldson one being hot air. Doubtful.

Just because we want to believe something is true, don't make it so.
I keep wondering if Price has done any additional research on Roughead and others in the phone records, but when I've looked at CLG's site, all it appears to be is the same as Huffington Post: some cutting-and-pasting of articles off the wire services with a splash of short-sighted opinion. That's OK to-a-point, but I detect no 'analysis,' Captain. Hardly anywhere. OK, almost nowhere.

Opinions are great, but do some research, do some analysis and interact with the information and data sometime. Find something new. Do something, ferchrissakes. This was your constructive moment. Enjoy it. Why didn't Palfrey's counsel credit me in the newsletter? I'm only worried about some of the scuffles it caused. You'd have to ask them. It probably has something to do with mounting a defense, but Roughead's in public court documents now. [Ed., 08.23.2008--Or fame and fortune.] You're welcome.

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