Saturday, November 24, 2007

And Just When I Thought the Site Meter Was Getting Boring...The Return of the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Senate

Washington D.C.--It should be noted here that at one time the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Senate once ran the stables for Congress. Now, the mode of transportation is the automobile. Did this office of the Senate ever have any knowledge of escort pick-ups by sitting-congressmen (and women?)? One never knows in that New Sodom-on-the-Potomac. It should be noted here that the Sergeant-at-Arms of each House of Congress investigates representatives on ethics violations. Senator Vitter and all the other crooks on the Hill had best keep this in-mind. Why should anyone think that David Vitter is going to stop chasing women who aren't his wife? Since he's not being punished for his illegal behavior(s), he has that proverbial blank-check.

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  1. You know, it is SO strangely odd that no one ever mentions what a security risk these guys actually are.

    You know, if you have the wrong last name you are a security risk and can be whisked off to Guantanamo like Jose Padillo (note the vowel on the end) but it if it's a simple matter of using government funds to procure hookers (and as many as possible) OR to engage in weird fantasies for which ou can be blackmailed that's OKAY.

    But then how much of this hooker stuff is actually MOSSAD run anyway? One will never know.

    But blackmail and extortion are certainly not great attributes for staying honest in the Beltway, seems to ME and we hear precious little about the risks.


  2. They don't mention it because many of them are already being blackmailed on a Roy Cohn-style list, the kind that have been kept since Jefferson was president. His dalliances were trotted-out, as well as his antagonisms towards organized religion. Little has changed.

    Mossad is surely represented in the escort business in Washington D.C., but we can rest assured that it's fairly penetrated by operatives from all over the world, from virtually every spy agency in the world. Even if you stayed clean, they could always trap you in a hotel room with a 13-year-old girl, as operatives of William Randolph Hearst attempted to do to Orson Welles around the time of the premier of Citizen Kane.

    An honest cop (he must have felt lonely, as they always do) warned him not to go up to his room where they were waiting with a reporter and cameras. That was over sixty-years-ago...yes, I've uncovered some very alarming patterns surrounding the Palfrey scandal. Ronald Roughead is a primary example, and it was I and an anonymous commenter (was it at firedoglake?) who noticed him in the phone records and who he is, and the possible significance of it.

  3. Highly interesting.

    It's ALLEGED that Monica Lewinsky was MOSSAD, actually.

    And I shudder to think of what a next adminstration full of sex/romance addicts (and druggie/alcoholics) will get up to since no one talks about it in the mainstream press. People will just get more of the same old, same old.

    I have an old friend with whom I never connect with any more, but he got onto hookergate and had all sorts of tricks pulled on him, which I follow the posts on all this. There is so much whirling around under the radar. The stuff on Cunningham was simply FASCINATING and relates to your "Thang" about cars, eh? The limo companies sure are getting off 'scott free'. So far ..

    I have some guesses as to who OTHER major customers were that didn't make the phone list, as they are personally close to those who did get busted. Friends of Randall Tobias come to mind.

  4. Interesting is RIGHT, I'd never heard the allegations (unproven, I assume) that Monica Lewinsky could have been a Mossad operative. Now why wouldn't the GOP want to crow over that one? Probably because they've been in that same brier-patch too!

    Thanks Lady, you have posted some of the most constructive comments yet on this site, it's needed. We all need to start touching-bases on all of this mess in Washington, it's gone too far. You're a mensch, keep it up.

    No 'dirty tricks' on myself so far, though my and Ms. Palfrey's and her counsel's e-mail accounts have behaved peculiarly at very specific and meaningful occasions. Is it the federal pigs? Probably, but who knows? It could also be wrongheaded vigilante hacker types, probably the most likely scenario.

    I have had a few prominent authors and attorneys tell me that my work surrounding the Palfrey scandal has been 'effective,' so I keep hammering. Persistence is key, never surrender, never stop, never give-up. Keep challenging unaccountable power everywhere it exists, at all levels of our society, even the workplace. OK, ESPECIALLY the workplace. ;0)

    I should mention that the fellow in the Navy who was working for Mossad came here from South Bend, OI! Him and Sydney Pollack, the movie producer/director. South Bend is a beautiful city...full of wrongheaded morons.

    You're correct about there being others on the phone lists who haven't been outed yet. In Ronald Roughead's case, it would be unsurprising if his brother also was involved. Who's he? Rear Admiral Gary Roughead, CNO of the entire US Naval Fleets. But according to people like the Nation's editor-in-chief David Corn, and the rest of the mainstream media, it's not newsworthy.

    And I quote: 'I don't want to out people for the sake of outing.' Maybe he doesn't even understand that he's protecting individuals who have violated the laws of this nation and potentially caused major breaches in our collective security. But hey, at least he and others have their book deals and privileged lives. This is why those of us outside of those systems of control have to do the real dirty work, we haven't been compromised to the point of being substantially ineffectual. Many of these so-called 'progressive' celebrities (like Arianna Huffington) are not who they say they are, and many of them aren't even aware of how compromised they really are, de facto.

    PS: You might ask Larisa Alexandrovna at Rawstory what convicted former Baltimore Police Commissioner told her, she's sitting on 12-hours of interviews with him. It could relate to Ms. Palfrey's story, the murder of assistant US Attorney Jonathan P. Luna in late-2003, and even corruption in the NYPD under Giuliani and Kerik's reign there during the 1990s--but she hasn't yet to my knowledge.