Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Senator Larry E. Craig: "I am not gay."

Castro District, San Francisco/Washington D.C.--And neither was Liberace or Rock Hudson, dearie, and neither is Rupaul. Melissa Etheridge isn't, and Ellen DeGeneres is straight, she's not living with Portia DiRossi. Sen. Craig, they're laughing at you in the Castro District tonight, and every gay community in America...and everywhere else. Vice cops belittling the untimely death of Judy Garland sparked the three-day riots at Stonewall during that hot Summer of 1969 (fuck you Bryan Adams) in NYC. Craig will spark riotous-laughter. Larry, I love and accept you as a gay man, just not as the crypto-fascist nutjob you really are. I hope this detroys your political career and the margin of the GOP in Congress. I'd say you'r a hypocrite for wanting to pass a ban on gay marriage, but that's too obvious. But then, so are you, and you're busted. It's over, and it's time to finally be a man.