Friday, August 10, 2007


Forget that pedophile blogger that CNN and FOX NEWS keep fawning over, I just thought I'd remind everyone that Foley still hasn't been brought-to-justice, and neither has Dennis Hastert for covering-up. Oh yeah, and everyone else in Congress who knew, which was an awful lot of people. No serious investigations have occurred yet, I wonder why? Yep, just another broken-promise--not that the Republicans promised not to chase our kids for some tail. Lock-up your children, Floridians, Mark Foley might be out tonight, thanks to obstructionism by the GOP and Democrats in Congress. Future block and cellmates of Mark Foley & and his protectors: you know what to do. Save-up that urine and spittle, he's coming, eventually, into your loving-arms. Give him that Joel Steinberg treatment, you know the kind. Use-up that rage you've been storing all these long years.

If you know anything-at-all about pedophiles, you already know that they never, ever stop being pedophiles. What they learn is to do is to lie about their condition. Society doesn't know what to do with them. They never stop being what they are, and they have that urge to molest their entire lives. This is why they have to be watched regularly until they're gone. Does Katherine Harris have kids? In-the-end, it's all child abuse. Abu-Ghraib is just America exporting its own perverse form of it, as are the majority of wars. Poverty can be counted as the ongoing war against children and people-in-general, with American at the lead! Why, by God, we are exceptional after all (especially Mark Foley and Joel Steinberg).