Friday, August 03, 2007

I finally get that (mini) vacation

J-7-It's been belated, I've put-it-off for so long, but it's time. Yes, it's time to visit the Uncredible Duke and kin at an undisclosed location in Ohio. Nothing until Monday. Time for another bourgeois-hoot! Sam Eardth: make-up a better name, that one sucks. Did you honestly think I was going to pull any of the phone numbers off of this site when they're all in the public record? You're as stupid as you assumed I was. After all, I never voted for George W. Bush or his father. My momma didn't raise a dumbass (or a racist). Rich people are disgusting, it's time to make them all sweat like it's Havana, 1959.

What should be done with the Bush family in toto: trials for all of them, a very public tarring-and-feathering, executions for the traitorous, and sowing their soil with salt. Burn all their soiled clothing, and let the homeless live in their Kennebunkport estate. The Crawford ranch can finally become a wildlife preserve. Nationalize everything they own, give it to the poor, and make their children live in subsidized housing for life, as well as never allowing any of them to hold public office, in perpetuity. Also, they lose full citizenship, so anyone can hit, kick, spit-upon, or beat them. This would also be applied to the Cheney family, though I think all of the patriarchs should rot in prison at the Hague for life, which would be an appropriate punishment for conviction of treason. If the kids of W. knew anything about the family's crimes--the same. If not, either way, no reproductive rights whatsoever, no more Bush progeny. Hey, you gotta have dreams...