Thursday, August 23, 2007

Instant Gratification's Next-Step: More Flavor

Your Tongue (My Ire)--A dear friend and I were shopping in the suburbs of Cincinnati recently and went to this great place called "Jungle Jim's," a truly international grocery store, and it has everything. But walk around any supermarket, and you'll see flavored items for nearly everything--including things to eat and drink that don't need them. Additionally flavored Vanilla creamers! What's next? I'm waiting for "flavored-flavoring with added-flavor."

Are these the people who never grew-up enough to eat vegetables? The instructions will be simple: "Place your head in the microwave and time it for five-minutes. Press start." America's 30% (90 million drooling-assholes can be very-very wrong, most of their lives) that would support any president like George W. Bush will comply, saving us all a lot of future trouble. Nobody said evolution (or journalism) was friendly or fair...