Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mitre.org (contractor) visits J-7

-7--Maybe The Nation's Editor [Ed., 10.09.2008--Or whatever the fuck he is these days besides an apologist for the system.] (David Corn) will get back with me on Ronald Roughead when I've been run into a culvert or a ditch like Karen Silkwood--or when the war's over in the Middle East. The first-part of the last sentence was a joke. The not-so-funny thing is, I just want them to start investigating the leads that I've uncovered. That's it.

It's interesting--and perhaps telling--that established media aren't willing to investigate retired U.S. Army Colonel Ronald Roughead, onetime Defense attache, psy-ops chief in Iraq (for IMN, or the "Iraqi Media Network), brother to CNO Rear Admiral Gary Roughead, and God-knows-what else, but I'm unsuprised.

At least that's where things appear to be, they won't investigate. I've had two near-confirmations on the man behind 703-836-0522 from members of the media, and they're not doing anything about it. Prove me wrong, I would love to be incorrect in the impressions I'm getting here. Right, not news, move-along. It gives a very bad impression, and The Nation isn't alone in this by any means. The L.A. Times has been here. So has The Army Times. Then, there's Inside Edition...but is it really on them? ;0)

It seems nobody seriously wants to challenge unaccountable power or to really end this war in a timely manner--just a lot of ruminating and high-talk (most of it safe and self-serving). What if: America falls, and the same Nuremberg trial excuses get trotted-out ("I was only following orders/I needed a job.").

One could begin to conclude that they're protecting Mr. Roughead from scrutiny, though I wouldn't say that about Mr. Corn. I like, and trust, The Nation. It's almost certain that while Ronald Roughead was calling the number of Pamela Martin & Associates, he held a high-level government security clearance. If this is so--and only those with the same or similar clearances can clarify it--he's been very-very naughty.

And look at who's visiting lately: Mitre corp., yet another communications/internet/systems research/data security contractor for the government, just like SAIC. My guess is that Mr. Roughead has ties (even if tangential) to both corporations, and might even work for both insititutions simultaneously. There are leads that appear pregnant with even more leads. It's all like having the question put to you by the Sphinx. A wrong answer could prove fatal.

What's also potentially troubling is that brother Gary could wield undue influence over the unnamed Naval officer in Palfrey's upcoming-trial as CNO of the entire U.S. Navy. It might be a conflict-of-interest, but that's probably why the prosecution "isn't interested in the clients." Somehow, some way, the unnamed Naval officer has retained her position in the Navy with that branch disregarding the fact that she was moonlighting for Palfrey (it's unknown if she was engaged in prostitution when she was--oops!--caught?). One would assume it would mean immediate dismissal...normally. It wouldn't surprise me if most of the people I've contacted in the media have found similar leads.

Some have confirmed that they have found what I have, but seem reluctant to follow them where they might end. I grant that they have limited resources and have to be cautious for dead-ends. Professionalism or careerism (or somewhere in-between?)? The banality of evil for our times? Work overload? Priorities? You tell me. It all reminds me of the jaded American history professor who told me that the very real conspiracy exposed by Marine Corps General Smedley Butler to overthrow FDR's administration by force "didn't amount to anything because it failed." Such "logic" transcends the cynical, and betrays the TALONS of power. Right, nothing here, move-along...

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