Wednesday, August 01, 2007


"I would not want to be intimate with someone whose body is literally made up from the bodies of others who have died for their sustenance. When you are vegan or vegetarian, you are very aware that when people eat a meaty diet, they are kind of a graveyard for animals."
--Nichola Kriek, of Christchurch, New Zealand.

"[crying] Animals are people, just like you and me!!"
--A female nut--and former cheerleader--I had the misfortune of meeting in college.

New Zealand--While I love meat, I do agree with many vegetarians that modern society consumes too-much of it...and then, there's the nut-jobs: vegans. Well, even more-specifically, it's women who are vegans. I believe this new study in New Zealand (with only 157 respondents, mind you) underscores something about our times. We all know that our technological-industrial world is destroying natural-habitats throughout the globe. Also, many women in non-traditional, Western bourgeois society think that they're all fat (just these women are correct in their assumptions).

The study is extremely narrow, was conducted by a department that appears to be biased towards the control group, and sounds pretty dodgy. A study like this deserves a larger control group, comprised of many thousands, country-by-country, from numerous age-ranges, ethnicities, classes, etc. . They should all be figured-in. But these new observations are very interesting nonetheless, and I believe, very telling about the respondents themselves. Frankly, they're terminally-neurotic. It's a very bizarre statement (or an aberrant behavior) for someone to refuse to have intimacy with someone simply because they eat meat. What's incredibly strange is that it all has an odd sense of self-appointed moral supremacy (as opposed to White supremacy). It resembles a religion, but I'm unsurprised that the majority of respondents in the study who expressed this conceit were women. It would be interesting to know their ages, but none of the articles appears to have a rundown on the demographics.

Human beings are omnivorous--we can go both-ways (pun-intended). Like other animals, we eat other animals for protein. We also have canines. Again, other animals eat each other. Do vegans go out into nature and admonish animals? Do they keep their carnivorous-pets from eating meat-based feed? Some do, and it's balmy. Taking a moral-stance in all of this presupposes there is someone in charge, it's religious (a world revulsion akin to the Manichean heresey, or the "Cathars"), and it pretends there is some objective-basis for human morality. It's certainly not nature's morality at-play here. Look, we all have days when meat just strikes us as disgusting, that moment that Burroughs and Kerouac hit-on when we realize "what's at the end of every fork." Vegans have taken this revulsion into la-la land, but they are correct about us all eating too-much meat, it's true.

But let's be honest: would you want to have sex with someone who's that endlessly preachy and neurotic anyway? I wouldn't, not-at-all. Right, we've all dated Catholics at one time, but this is worse, far-worse, and appears to be strongly-isolated to women (many of whom who fear fatness and aging, which is good). Taken from another vantage-point, do they make their case against eating meat that well? Do they do anything except alienate others with their oddball sense of moral superiority? A number of them whom I had the misfortune of knowing were well-beyond my own misanthropy, and I believe that that's what you have at-the-core of many of their beliefs--particularly with the hardcore elements of vegetarianism. I myself wouldn't want to have sex with someone whose body is made up of dead plants, dead bacteria and microorganisms, dead-bugs, and dead animals--that's what soil is comprised of. They wish to escape the biological-processes, a futile endeavor ("As primitive as can be.").