Friday, August 10, 2007


"I like to believe that people in the long run are going to do more to promote peace than our governments. Indeed, I think that people want peace so much that one of these days governments had better get out of the way and let them have it." --President Dwight David Eisenhower, August 31st, 1959.

tv-Cindy announced yesterday that she's running against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in her own district for failing We wanted solid-steps towards ending the war. We wanted Congress cleaned-up. We wanted the Bush administration to be collared and reined-in, forcing them to follow the rule of law as everyone else does. It would behoove the Speaker to start vocally outing every single Democratic representative occupying Congress now who is obstructing the legitimate investigations into Bush administration crimes, as well as those who are criminally aiding the president in prolonging the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This would include Rep. Joe Donnelly (Moe) and Sen. Evan Bayh (Larry), as well as Sen. Dick Lugar (Curly). Keep making your lame excuses, and we'll keep a count of them. After a certain number, you're going to be washed out of office. Gone.

You have not earned our trust, and you could be gone with the next elections as a result. Your recent handing-over of even more surveillance capabilities to an administration that cannot be trusted on any front is scandalous and will be remembered next year in the elections. We in the blogosphere are going to be coming for you on this, and many other points. The American public made their feelings on all this very loud-and-clear in the elections of 2006. If you do not obey our will, you will be replaced in the next elections, coming sooner-than-you-think. The time for full impeachment of the Bush administration is in-order, and we're going to keep hammering you until you do it.

You had better know that the majority of the American public has had enough, and a long-time-ago. We're tired of excuses. If we have to call a Constitutional convention again, as was done over 200-years-ago, we'll do it. It doesn't have to be, but we can do this, and it won't be pretty for you or your corporate backers. The Army isn't going to back you anymore either. Neither will the National Guard or the Reserves. This isn't 1967, nor is it 1970. This is how much you have wrecked the military and its morale. If you attempt to use private security forces like Blackwater to stop our legal right to form a new government--if we have to--you're not going to like the outcome at all. Does reasonable reform look so bad now?

It better not, because if it does, you're more criminally-minded than we all assume, and that's when we're really all going to start coming after you in the courts, the voting-booth, and the streets. It's the constitutional and legal right of Americans to create a new government when the old one isn't serving their interests anymore, and it can be done without violence. All of you incumbents in Congress should understand that you're just making the soil that more fertile for it in your actions (and inactions). This is not a threat, but a warning. We can all live together, or eventually, you'll wreck this great system--flawed as it is--and that will be the greatest crime of all. America isn't as special as we've been told, but it's a simple fact that if we cannot coexist together here, it won't be possible anywhere else either. You will have doomed human society and the species to extinction. There is nothing more criminal than that. It is the apotheosis of crime. Cindy's Presidio announcement ( ) could be the beginning of the road back to Philadelphia, one that has been deferred for too long.