Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A contention I still assert is true...

I haven't smoked since college (and Toronto), but: Nobody ever got laid at a party by whipping out a bag of pot in a room full of women. Never. Not ever. It wasn't over the pot if someone did. Never. Ever. Not. Perhaps women sometimes use cocaine as an anti-depressant because they have a different body chemistry than men do, or perhaps they're attracted to using it for the same reasons that "every girl loves a badass," I dunno. I don't care.
I followed Jack Herer for a week in 1990, and I never saw it. I never saw it in college. I never saw it, Sam I am, not even on-the-lam. But my contention is largely true. There it is. Always never (never always). None. Never. Ever. Not.