Sunday, August 26, 2007

Riding the Privatization Wave: SAIC Scores Another Navy Contract

/San Diego, California/Norfolk,Virginia/Washington D.C.
--J-7 doesn't contend that brother Ron and brother Gary Roughead had anything whatsoever to do with this contract:

Government contractor SAIC Inc. said Thursday it received a contract, worth more than $473 million if all options are exercised, to provide engineering and support services to the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center in San Diego. The support includes command, control, communications, computers and intelligence programs for sea, land, air and foreign military sales, the company said. (AP, 08.16.2007)
Nothing here, move along. Nothing to do with Duke Cunningham or any related or similar activities here. You think SAIC services Saudi Arabia on anything? Sorry, you can't ask those questions. Keep your opinions and analysis to yourselves, leave it to the experts and professionalized journalists, they know best. They know what's proper and good for all of us.

And brother Ron's call to Pamela Martin & Associates in 2005--that had nothing to do with any defense contracts whatsoever, there's no possibility whatsoever that it resembles Cunningham's and Brent Wilkes's procurement of prostitutes for CIA contracts (spanning the years 2002-2005) in DC. No, let's just focus on the politicians while these folks get to hide in the shadows.
And there's no connection that Wilkes worked out of San Diego, where SAIC's headquarters is, not even tangential. The press isn't ignoring these potential connections either, and are doing a fine job pulling it all together (snicker). We should know any day now, rather than decades later when it doesn't matter anymore. We can also rest assured that there were several other bidders in the contract that SAIC won (move along). And no, if you do a google search of "Brent Wilkes SAIC," you won't find any pertinent articles at all, none. And Duane P. Andrews probably doesn't figure into all of this either, nor his connections to Dick Cheney.

Also, Kyle Dustin "Dusty" Foggo (former San Diego cop, now CIA spook and defendant) is not a procurer of prostitutes any more than Ed Norris (former convicted Baltimore Police Commissioner). And as we all know, SAIC never uses minorities in San Diego to sign-on as subcontractors to more easily procure a contract, not ever. It's a good thing the FBI pacified those folks in San Diego back in the late-1960s, early-70s (when SAIC was being founded), so they could exploit them to procure those coveted defense and intelligence contracts on-the-sly through loopholes. Thank you J. Edgar Hoover, thank you so very much.

AP, 08.16.2007:

Nothing to do with SAIC or the Rougheads:

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