Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A message to stupid women who are determined to vote for Hillary Clinton

The Diseased Mind of American Womanhood--Once you got the vote in 1920, you voted for a Republican named Warren G. Harding, because he was a former college football player with the I.Q. of a chicklet™ (funny how some things never change with GOP candidates). That ensured that we had a decade of Republican control of our federal government without proper regulation of the economy. We know what happened on "Black Friday," October 25th, 1929. Well, I do, but that's because I actually read occasionally. This is "Black Thursday," Friday hasn't hit yet.

The same has happened with Bush in many respects (granted that the 2000 and 2004 elections were stolen), and now it's going to happen again. I only expect a tiny-minority of American women to fess-up to their share of the current mess we're in, but this has to be said: most of you are mindless consumerist nincompoops. You're no more capable of accepting the responsibility for your actions and stupid decisions than the nearly worthless American male.

Most of you live-down to the sexual stereotypes because you have no more credibility than your male peers in America. The choice has always been yours: be a real adult and stop living the lifestyles you've been chasing, or face the inevitable consequences. Push back all you want, but Hillary Clinton is the the next-to-worst choice in 2008. John McCain tops it. This isn't to say Barack Obama is going to be wonderful either, it's just that he's the best we've got to choose from if we don't want this country to fall over the cliff it made for itself.

If you're going to vote for someone simply because they're Black, a woman--whatever--then you're making a very stupid mistake. But, being a philosophical revolutionary who wants to see this system fall, go-right-ahead. I'm enjoying the show right now, it's going to be especially entertaining to watch the scrambling, the finger-pointing, the riots, and watching millions of well-heeled jackapes being declassed.

Question: who are you going to scapegoat? Somehow, I doubt it's going to be the real culprits. But enough about YOU, let's get back to Hillary Clinton.

Since we can presume from the implications of Hillary Clinton's public statements that she "has experience" (sexual--OK, we won't go there)--that like Richard Cheney, she was a "co-president" with Bill Clinton--then she shares-the-blame for the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children during the 1990s. No April fooling here.

Clinton also shares a great deal of the blame for the ongoing attempted genocide there from the invasion of Iraq for her vote in late-2002 authorizing aggression against that nation. If you're considering voting for Clinton, don't bother voting at all, because she will lose to John McCain. We're just that kind of a stupid country. RIP Val, you were so right about American women, so tragically right. Daddy's girls...daddy's girls vote Clinton and McCain.