Friday, April 18, 2008

MSNBC spins against Obama: He Flipped-off Clinton?

MSNBC--This was incredible. At around 4PM, MSNBC was kinda-sorta claiming that presidential candidate Barack Obama flipped-off Senator Hillary Clinton, his rival for the Democratic nomination as candidate. Interestingly, he didn't. He was scratching his face. Wonder what it would be like if the other two candidates had to exist under this kind of creative scrutiny? They would lose...oh, they're losing already, hence the need for a pile-on by two de facto GOP candidates.

I witnessed the footage: he scratched his nose with two-fingers after making a comment about Clinton. That's it. Even the newswoman groaned reading the non-story. What an amazing lie. Only in America? Somehow, I doubt it. Fox News is also trying to run with the non-story. There it is: no, the Senator didn't flip-off Hillary Clinton, but I do every single day. Unsurprisingly, the so-called "incident took-place in North Carolina, a hotbed of political dirty tricks for the GOP.