Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Palfrey Verdict: A Message to the "Johns"

The Washington D.C. area
--The guilty verdict has an unintended consequence for some of you, particularly Senator David Vitter, Harlan Ullman, and Randall Tobias: it's now confirmed in a court of law that you all solicited prostitutes.

For most of you, the statue of limitations has expired--though this is not the case with the likes of Mark Capansky (former intern for GOP Rep. Bob Goodlatte), and Ret. Colonel Ronald Roughead, former head of the Iraqi Media Network and employee of SAIC.

A little-known fact is that former World Bank president's lover, Shaha Ali Riza, was also employed by the IMN through SAIC. It's unknown if it was during the same period that Mr. Roughead ran the operation. One has to ask the question of why Mr. Capansky and Mr. Roughead called the number of Pamela Martin & Associates in late-2005.

Was there a connection between Chris D. Baker's Shirlington Limousine with Palfrey's escort service? The verdict has only left more unanswered questions, something the "Johns" are probably relieved about. You're not out of the woods yet. Sentencing comes on July 24th. The prosecution refuses to comment on the case until after that time.

Postscript: Don't think for a moment that the possibility of a deal with the government and the defendant has escaped me. The Washington Post was saying that the sentence could end up being a mere 3-4 years. Months before my legal work, the defendant conveyed to this writer that
very early-on the government offered a deal of a couple years inside, but she would have to forfeit nearly all of her assets. If it did happen, it probably occurred some time after March 20th, after of our last correspondence. Perhaps a deal of this sort went through after all? July 24th it is: I'll be barbecuing, gardening, and the rest of TCB. Know what-ah'-mean, man?