Monday, April 14, 2008

Jury Deliberating on the Fate of Deborah Jeane Palfrey (aka "The DC Madam")

Washington D.C.
--This has been a long road, and so the breakneck-pace of the trial has been a genuine surprise to almost everyone. What will the jury decide? Coverage hasn't been very detailed, but the evidence presented by the prosecution appears to have been what it always was: purely circumstantial.

Depending on the verdict, there could be much more excitement to come in this whole saga. We could know tonight whether there has been an acquittal, or if the appeals process is about to begin.

Don't expect a hung jury, a mistrial is unlikely. This story frequently reminded this writer of the case of Klaus and Sonny von Bulow--did Palfrey know, or didn't she? Does it matter? Probably not, especially when one considers the high crimes going on right now in our names. The key, then, is to commit crimes so massive, so wide-in-scope, that society cannot even begin to comprehend it in its totality. You know, the clients of Pamela Martin & Associates.

That's how the world is run. This trial regards a narrative that is likely to be a minor historical footnote with a lot of uninvestigated leads. Somehow, this writer believes things are hardly going to be over after the verdict. Not even close. We caught some glimpses of how things work in Washington, and they're not going to be forgotten anytime soon.

Seven degrees of Deborah Jeane Palfrey:

On the last day of proceedings: