Thursday, April 24, 2008

On Peter Falk's Beverly Hills Freak-Out

Beverly Hills, California--According to the elder statesman actor's wife, he couldn't remember where his car was parked. It was April 22nd. Do you know where your vice president was? Hey, we've all been there: every time I go see a really great movie, I can never remember when I parked either. For that matter--who am I? Where am I? Who are you? These are existential questions we'll never have answers to, and that's OK.

The world's a mess--was it really all about the car? Is it ever just about the broken-shoelaces in the morning, when we're running late for work? No. Mr. Falk still shows-up in little cameos in little independent films, and he's even purported to be selling his own artwork from his own registered website. He's always been weird, get over it. And enough of these headlines that "fears grow" over Mr. Falk's freak-out. It sounds newsworthy, but it's misleading and unethical.

 Look, the war in Iraq is in its fifth year, and we've been meddling with Afghanistan a lot longer. We're now viewed as a nation that kidnaps, drugs, sexually humiliates, and tortures human beings from other countries (because we do), then denies it. Because of the war in the Middle East, and financial mismanagement by the Republicans (and many Democrats), our economy is crashing.

This world is not the world Peter Falk--or most of us for that matter--are used to. America doesn't seem like America anymore.
Many of Peter's old friends are gone, some long-gone, like John Cassavetes. He's been dead since 1989, of cancer. Not that those hungry photogs had any of that in-mind, they just wanted to take advantage of a confused old man. Yes, it does resemble the Edvard Munch piece, "The Scream," and for the same reasons.

What's an elder of the stage going to do when the world has changed so much, and life's become so crazy? He freaked-out, he yelled and muttered to himself, and he waved his arms wildly, just as most of us would like to do right now. Peter Falk's 80. Leave him alone, he doesn't need your help. He's going to be in a new movie with Val Kilmer called "Cowslip." If you ever wondered what Lenny Bruce's life would be like if he'd survived...well, it wouldn't have been like Peter Falk's, he's not as fucked-up as Lenny was.