Saturday, April 12, 2008

"Former rapper Vanilla Ice arrested"

West Palm Beach, Florida--Robert Van Winkle has proven two things: one, that he actually can get arrested (for domestic battery), and two, that he can take his wife in a fight (battery). I gotta say, his music not only never did anything for me, it was an object of my own hate when he was popular during the early-1990s. To say it sucked would be euphemistic. But today, I feel sorry for him.

The profits for "Ice Ice Baby" were stolen from him by Suge Knight and the record company people. The song-structure itself was stolen from the rock band Queen and David Bowie from the superior song "Under Pressure," from 1981. Don't worry, another reality show is coming out of all of this, it's certain.

It's not a new story, but there it is, it's wrong. What? He was ripped-off after ripping-off others, who-in-turn ripped-off someone else. Bosch would be horrified. Fame is awful, and Mr. Van Winkle has my sympathy--just don't push your wife, man. Now, if she hits you, pushing her away is alright, but you should never hit a woman. It's just wrong. Well, it was a push, and that's ain't too cool.

Van Winkle's 40, he should know better. Either fix the relationship or leave. You did this in 2001, so admit it's not working and move on. Still, he's not a bad guy by-all-accounts, and I wish him the best for the future. He's not the Devil, that's reserved for music executives. Shouldn't he judging on American Idol instead of Paula Abdul? The iceman cometh, an image none of us wanted. Thanks Madonna, thanks a lot.