Thursday, April 03, 2008

And another return visit from the office of the Sergeant at Arms of the Senate over: Harlan Ullman and Paula Neble!

Site Meter--It appears they finally want to learn something, such as the fact that good sources are saying that Mr. Harlan Ullman (architect of the Schlieffen plan--I mean "shock-and-awe" strategy used in the illegal invasion of Iraq) was a client of Ms. Neble.

She's not a Dr., incidentally, just a pathological liar. Hey Paula, they (the prosecution) want to bury you. Hey Paula, cookie-dough will never do. You're fat and stupid, and if they use you as a witness--wow, let's hope Obama appoints real U.S. Attorney material.

Another source--one I cannot confirm--has told me that Senator David Vitter was a client of the late-Brandy Britton. This might explain why a SWAT team of 13 came through her door way-back, and why they kept bugging her phones and showing-up unannounced and sans-warrant. Could just be me.

Read up!You too Michael C. Moynihan, you extremist poof. Blackguards using trust funds creatively. Tell it to the late George Lincoln Rockwell...and the ghost of William Dudley Pelley.

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