Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Bill Clinton Still Angry at New Mexico's Bill Richardson for Endorsing Obama

The Campaign Trail of Tears (Sacramento)--Who gives-a-shit? Richardson--Hispanic Governor of New Mexico, and now former protege of the Clintons--endorsed Barack Obama instead of Hillary Clinton. Who cares? The Clintons never betrayed anyone to get where they are? They don't benefit from white-skin privilege? Gimme-a-break. Richardson understands that scum like the GOP, the Clintons, the corporate sector, and the rest of the establishment in the country have relied on the politics of race-baiting and division. Obama provides a hope that we can begin to close the book on a counterproductive chapter in our history.

You know, there are plenty of reasons to hate the Clintons, and none of them have to do with lying about getting a blow-job. If that's your priority, you couldn't be more of a drooling idiot, like my last employers. Now they're losing their business, and it serves them right for believing the words of criminals and bumblers like themselves. Judas? Save it Bill, nobody's crying for you if they have a clue. It's more important now to get a person of color into office than a rich white woman (no, I'm not talking about gangster rappers). If Obama blows it after he's held office, that's his bad.

But forget all of this: just look at the Clinton human rights record, and look at how they gave China most favored nation trading status during the early-1990s. Look at how they rammed NAFTA and GATT down everyone's throats with those vapid, vacuous smiles on their soulless mugs.
We saw our jobs being shipped overseas beginning with Reagan and Bush Sr. The Clintons expedited the worst parts of this horrible agenda. They haven't given, they've only taken. Watching the fat, grinning Bill Clinton angry is a wonderful thing to behold. We get to see his real face. We get to see the face of a power-hungry psychopath and a racist who genuinely hates people. But enough about the Republicans.

His wife isn't any different (I said enough about the Republicans). Obama may not be the person I would choose to win--Ralph Nader would be that man--but he's the best that we've got at this historical moment. Vote Obama, forget the other two assholes. If Hillary Clinton or John McCain are elected, it's just going to be more of the Bush II years, and it could even end-up being worse. They not only aren't going to deliver, they'll finish the job on the middle-class, leaving a wrecked nation and a ruined global economy (too-late). Of course, that won't matter much with the nuclear war they trigger when they attack Iran. If you haven't figured-it-out already, they're trying to save a dying American Empire. James Carville: kiss-my-ass, you bald-headed lapdog apparatchik.