Wednesday, April 30, 2008

President George W. Bush: "If there was a magic wand to wave, I'd be waving it."

Washington D.C.
--C'mon, Mr. President, we all know that you--like--totally believe in dragons. While wearing a cruddy green-tie, you told the press at your first conference in two-months this bizarre statement. You've been lying low, and we know why: you look like the used car salesman you always were.

This will be the most manic-depressive administration in American history. Herbert Hoover did the same thing when the economy exploded in everyone's face. He hid. We know that there's plenty the president can do, but that he won't, not ever.

OK, not that that's anything new. You and your party--the GOP--have been living under all kinds of delusions that could never be mistaken for a real ideology. Wanton greed, ineptness, and criminality don't constitute anything but what they are. Being propped-up by the money of rich criminals isn't exactly an honorable profession. A pimp who beats his stable is more deserving of respect.

You claim that you cannot do anything about the current oil-crisis without help from Congress, yet with all of the questionable executive orders and signing statements you've authorized, you won't sign one that puts a temporary-cap on energy I have to spell-it-out? We know high energy prices were all part of the plan, formulated well before your unfortunate seizure of the White House in late-2000. That's why the minutes to your administration's energy policy meetings from 2001 are still classified, and why you're fighting tooth-and-nail to keep it that way until you're safely out of office.

You're right, Mr. President, there is no "magic wand" that's going to change the fact that you and your administration are just compromised employees of Big Oil. Now you're pushing to drill in the ANWAR in Alaska again, and other domestic locations that can only--key word in all of this--compromise our already fragile ecological system. Doing these explorations merely benefits the same selfish interests you serve, essentially giving-away public lands to be despoiled in yet another case of corporate welfare. It also keeps us "addicted" to petroleum, and does nothing to fix the situation. Again, all unsurprising coming from such an obvious den of criminals. The obvious byproducts of corruption are poisonous ones.

This writer learned a long time ago that listening to and reading what you and members of your administration say doesn't matter: it's your actions that count, but most Americans are afraid of confronting you and your illegitimate regime. They shouldn't be, we outnumber you, and there's no force on earth that's going to stop a popular groundswell against you. Not even your "non-lethal" technologies that will be quickly trumped by a newer, cheaper counter-technology that can be fielded faster.

But Americans are lazy, apathetic...or are they? This is the usual shortcut-to-thinking that many of us engage in to avoid responsibility for the state of things. It allows us not to act. With many of their backs now to-the-wall, and a lot of time to figure things out, Americans are getting angry, active, and very-very vocal. The example of the truckers protesting is truly a marvel to behold. Soon, they're going to be on-strike, and if energy prices get high enough, general strikes in major American cities become a likelihood.

The only "magic wand" is the public making you bend to their will, Mr. President, but that's not good enough. The real "magic" would be the impeachment of an entire administration. The Democrats are doing their best to disenchant us all with their inaction.
As a result of this, there will be horrible new precedents set for future presidents to act on. They'll be able to discard the law when it suits them too. The Democratic Party wants that power too.

No magic there, it was all openly-enabled by both parties, and every branch of government. The magic will be pacifying and containing the Populist uprisings that will inevitably come from the crash that is upon us. If an order cannot provide, that order is generally finished. This has been in the minds of the planners of the last eight-years for a very long time: how do you pacify the public when you cannot or will not provide essentials anymore? Ultimately, you can't. That spells "curtains" for the current order without the traditional cycle of excess-then-reform.

You can't beat the laws of history, as Vietnam should have taught us, but being drunk on power has a tendency to cloud the senses. Again, there's no magic there, and several wrecked regimes like those of the Hapsburgs, the Romanovs, the Ottoman Turks, and the Hollenzollerns, attest to this fact. Nobody ever thought they would fall after centuries of rule, but fall they did, and virtually overnight.