Monday, March 31, 2008

Ow! That's gotta hurt: The President is booed throwing the pitch for his favorite game

Washington Nationals Park--With the economy crashing, and American Empire going with it, it must be truly terrifying to know that you've been crucial in accelerating it with your incompetence, ignorance, and amorality. You would have to be heavily medicated to withstand the nearly ubiquitous hatred the president is enduring, almost Nixonian in its brilliance and intensity. They say Nixon drank and popped pills, a well-established GOP tradition going back to the years of Coolidge and Harding. Anyway, it's a new $600 million stadium. Rah.

What he knows that we don't--if he knows anything at all--is that the dislike of him is going to get cranked-up significantly higher once the economic reality sinks-in, and that time is coming before January 21, 2009. This wasn't supposed to happen, but that's life. The best made plans of mice and know.

But watch CNN, Fox News, or just about any major American news outlet, and you'll find that the audio from the president's pitch is gone and that's there's nary-a-mention that it happened at all. One would have expected this from the state-controlled television in the former Soviet Union. This isn't anything new with our dubious mainstream press in any respect. They rarely lie: they simply don't tell us what we need to know. AP's Ben Feller is a prime example (or was it his editor? ownership?). His article not only contains no mention of the "boos," it goes as far as the lie and obfuscation:
Bush also threw out the first pitch at the Nationals' first home game in 2005, when baseball returned to the city after more than three decades. He was mostly cheered [Ed.-And?] that day at RFK Stadium when he threw a pitch that sailed in a bit high to the catcher.

Vice President Dick Cheney, who threw the first pitch the next year, had it a bit rougher. He was greeted by boos, and his ball landed in the dirt. ("Bush Gets First Pitch, First Look," AP, 03.30.2008)

No, both Cheney and President George W. Bush were booed, and the majority of the American public didn't choose them to govern (not that they have, just blindly pillaged). Certainly, underplaying the damage and the real mood out there is that other weapon in the arsenal of the media and their owners, and it's an arsenal that's rapidly depleting and losing its sting. But lying is almost a new low, and it takes a climate of desperation (rah!) to sink a global pillage. Hey pal, journalists and editors have a mortgage to pay too, your rights-be-damned. Astonishingly, the Washington Times was more forthright than AP and many other outlets:

Before the game, flashbulbs popped, giant American flags unfurled, F-16 jets [Ed.-Where were they during 9/11? Ordered to stand-down.] performed a flyover and President Bush threw out the first pitch to a mixed reception of cheers and boos as brand new Nationals Park came alive on a chilly evening, just 22 months after construction began.

Wearing a red Nationals jacket, Mr. Bush took the mound as he did before the first home game at RFK Stadium in 2005. ("A home run for D.C.," The Washington Times, 03.31.2008)

By lying, the media's gatekeepers are showing us the puppet's strings and how the game of media manipulation works. Once again, we can thank George W. Bush and his reactionary backers for all of this. Without their desperate bumbling, corrupt nature, and general incompetence, we wouldn't be seeing the levers-of-control so readily, so easily. Thanks George, it's been real. You were our first Socialist president, thanks to your bumbling and arrogance.

And so, while all the King's men try to put Humpty back together again and tell us that it was "only a few people at the game" who were booing him, we the public, know better. WE were the ones who "booed" him, and have been booing him since well-before January, 2001. Most of us have simply decided he isn't even worth booing any more, just worth impeaching and charging with war crimes. We might just get our wish, and soon.

Dramatic geopolitical and economic events have a way of making the counting of how many people "booed" the president seem as petty and insignificant as they really are. At a 28% approval rating--and soon to be plummeting further--he's in trouble. Not that that's anything new. It's a good thing Congress has his back, but an army of municipal councils, state politicians, citizen action groups, and human rights lawyers are swarming. The war in Iraq is never going to "improve," contrary to John McCain's assertions. The GOP has created their own perfect storm that could make them a minority party for another fifty-years. Good often comes out of the bad.
6:30 p.m. -- The Secret Service prepares for Presdident [Ed.-This is the actual spelling by a paid journalist. Ahem. Sports be muy liefe.] George W. Bush's visit to Nationals Park. They were checking out everything everywhere. Media members were getting their bags and computers sniffed by a dog and checked. Now, as game time drew closer, Secret Service agents were all over the place on the first floor of the stadium, checking and rechecking everything. Several of them were in the tunnel/pathway that leads from the field to the first floor -- where the elevators are that lead to other parts of the ballpark and the locker rooms. Later on, the building's elevators will be locked down because the president is in the building. ("Opening night has many perspectives,", 03.31.2008)
The world is coming for a correction, for justice. Bush administration personnel can all be tried after the president's term; there is no statute of limitations on war crimes. One could say that the "boos" have just begun, but that began at the inauguration in January of 2001, and it was withheld from us. For the first time in American history, a riot broke-out at an inauguration, something that didn't even occur under Lincoln in the midst of a bloody civil war.

We weren't told then, but we always find-out, even if belatedly. Many more suppressed stories will come floating-upwards in-the-aftermath of what can only be called the most openly criminal presidential administration this country has ever seen. That it was a Republican one should be of no surprise whatsoever, but those Democrats will give it their best try in the future. Very few outlets even commented on the fact that most of the well-heeled audience at the game booed the president. It sure wasn't the poor of D.C.