Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More Entertainment from the Site Meter: Some Asshole from Chicago...

Chi, Illinois--This one was an easy-call. I merely posted a news release without any comment from some anti-war protesters in Chicago who tried to throw fake-blood on El Presidente and some other goons, and got a torrent of...irrational B.S., frankly. I don't post anything from someone who lacks the courage to use their real name or web-tag. What I find most amusing is the idea that these folks think they're angering. Quite-the-opposite: you're my entertainment when things get boring.

The only exceptions I make with anonymous posts are when the input is constructive--none of them were, so none of them got posted, and never will be. Read the comments policy at my blogger profile. We get day-after-day of your right-wing vomit blasted at us from television and radio, and even in-print. This site isn't another platform for that, it's my and other individual's take on the aforementioned daily corporate propaganda--another view.

A number of the turds who lacked the balls to post under their names were from the Windy City (a town I have a lot of ambivalence over), and one of them made the mistake of posting from work at "ARK Consulting." I don't consider their comments actionable, but I notified the CEO of the company. Nuff said!

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