Monday, March 10, 2008

On the Spitzer Scandal...

New York State--It's hardly surprising. Democratic Governor Eliot Spitzer is just one more politician who prefers not to have sex with his wife. That would be alright, but he--and all the incumbent parties involved in soliciting prostitutes--broke the law. The statue of limitations hasn't expired on this four-hour romp with an anorexic call-girl on Valentine's Day. Sex with hookers is a bipartisan-affair. Pun intended. When one party is in power, they take-the-reigns and the spoils. Sex with prostitutes is just part of the play-book.

Like the gauntlet of Republicans before him, Governor Spitzer has gotten preferential treatment already. If he was a "regular" citizen, he'd be facing arrest and minor charges, possibly even an embarrassing lineup and a mugshot at a police station, but at least he's getting a brighter spotlight than the average "John."

Point-blank: he's a hypocrite. The question remains--why do these politicians marry women they don't want to have sex with (anymore)? You tell me, it escapes me. Perhaps it's the lure and sordidness of not getting much for that one. If you're going to "fight corruption," you had better be clean yourself. I'd still take him over our wretched governor, Mitch Daniels, former economics adviser during the first term of the Bush administration. Clearly, politics in America is the domain of the whore-monger.