Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Helpful Reminder for April: The Commencement of the Palfrey Trial

Washington D.C.--The trial will be by jury, and as you know, it begins on April 7th. Mark your calendars if you haven't already, Spring will have truly sprung. What will we discover in all of this mess? Considering the complexity of the whole affair, it's likely that most of the players are only aware of their own little corner of a vast-mosaic, and barely know each other. Many of them probably don't even know of the involvement of all the others. Are there more politicians involved (nearly all of them will be Republicans)? Ask Rep. Jerry Lewis (R-Ca.) sometime, and you might even ask former House Majority Leader Tom Delay. Then, there's Ted Stevens of Alaska...

It's hoped that some political reforms will come out of this trial, and that many more politicians and bribing lobbyists take the fall. Do the government's prosecutors really have a case? We don't know, but it hasn't appeared so from the inception of this legal saga to the present. And what of former Pamela Martin & Associates escort Paula Neble? Some have alleged that she was the gal who had contact with Senator David Vitter. Where is Neble? Why is she hiding? What was the FBI's role in the investigations? Were wiretaps involved, and did they get a warrant? The FBI has kept a very low-profile in this case.

Who's going to be subpoenaed, finally? Will it be Brent Wilkes and Christopher D. Baker, owner of Shirlington Limousine, another shady government contractor that Rep. Louise Slaughter has sought a serious investigation of to no avail? Why does Shirlington Limo keep getting Department of Homeland Security and HUD contracts for millions of dollars when it was named in the investigations of Brent Wilkes, Mitchell Wade, Kyl Foggo, and the rest of his "co-conspirators"?

Poker players never tell (often the same thing in this story), and neither should defendants.
District of Columbia Federal Judge James Robertson is presiding over the case. Judge Robertson is thought by some to the the whistle-blower on the illegal NSA warrantless wiretapping program that was secretly initiated by the White House in 2002. Is there any current scandal that this scandal is not attached to in some way? We'll all be finding-out--or not--soon. Perhaps we'll discover what happened from the FOIA. April it is.