Wednesday, March 26, 2008

D.B. Cooper's Parachute

Washington State--Here's to Dan Cooper and his 1971 hijacking for $200,000, back when it was worth something. Here's to those who steal from the thieves and get away with it. Here's to John Dillinger who might have gotten away. America could use some more social rebels--real ones, not the corporate-model.

The hope is that the finding of the remains of a parachute are from Cooper's famous 1971 bail-out (no, not Bear Stearns). What's really exciting is that the find fits the area of where Cooper probably landed, and covers previous search areas.

In 1980, a family found around $8,000 of the money on the banks of a Washington river, most of it half-rotted from only ten years of exposure to the elements. This isn't about finding the money, most of which is either with Dan somewhere on the other side of the globe (or next door to you readers), with his dessicated corpse hanging from a tree, or simply turned to dust on some Washington forest floor or riverbed.

The only important thing is to find-out what really happened after he parachuted from that airliner, almost 37 years ago.

Crime never pays, just don't tell that to the GOP and the White House, or even Wall Street for that matter. D.B. Cooper, I hope and pray that you got away, but it doesn't matter: a majority of bank robberies are successful in this country, and all property is theft. Banks losing their ass will always be better than the average person losing theirs. Bailout the public, and let the rich take their losses in the marketplace as they should. Otherwise, we can expect to see many more Dillingers and Coopers. You can bank on that one, if nothing else.