Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Democratic Primaries: A Prediction

Texas/Ohio--The count in the the Lone Star state will be hotly contended, and it's possible we'll see a mini-repeat of the 2000 elections debacle (when they were stolen). This is going to be very-very close. McCain has it in the bag now, and only Hillary Clinton can lose the November elections to him. If she actually becomes president, we're in for more of the same. If McCain wins, more of the same, only at least as bad as the presidency of George W. Bush. Maybe it's OK if some of us don't bother to vote? The problem is, most of the wrong people are motivated to.

Either way (and that includes Obama), we're likely to be staying in Iraq until we're thrown-out violently or when we're bankrupted. That could be anytime now. Regardless of who wins, all three will be intent on a war with Iran. Going from the appearances, we could be having a war in South America very soon, especially considering that American advisers are aiding the Columbian military in their incursions into Ecuador to attack FARC. A two-front war is not winnable, ask a historian today. Just don't hug them, they're cranky motherfuckers.