Tuesday, March 11, 2008

AP Goes As Far Out of Its Way as Possible to Avoid Listing Molesting Former GOP S.D. State Legislator Klaudt's Political Affiliation

Sioux Falls, South Dakota--Apparently raping the Native Americans in his state wasn't enough--former state representative Ted Klaudt wanted some young-uns to feed his unquenchable lust and desire to defile the bodies of his constituents. The solution was simple: there was a large body of molested and victimized (by society in-general) teenage girls he and others could choose from who were wards of the state.

While Klaudt's fate is already sealed legally, the AP was providing cover for him today, thanks to the scribbling of journo Carson Walker--coincidentally the name of the town that Klaudt's former sex-ranch is located on. Right, there are no coincidences in life. Now Klaudt is being sued by one of the molested/raped girls:

The girls lived in Klaudt's home as part of a program that provides foster care for young people who have no safe home to return to after completing time in juvenile reform programs. One of the girls served as a legislative page, running errands for lawmakers. The girl who sued now lives in Mandan, N.D. The Associated Press has a policy of not identifying sexual assault victims. ("Foster Child Sues Abusing Ex-Lawmaker," AP, 03.11.2008)
That's very kind of AP not to reveal the identities of victims of sexual abuse and assault. What's peculiar, and suspicious, is not mentioning that Klaudt is a Republican. Thanks go to AP and Klaudt's wife for providing cover, no mean feat considering his George Grosz-inspired girth. Fat, dumb, and perverted is no way to go through life, son.

But hey, at least he had a lot of money at one time. Now he'll just be fat, dumb, perverted, and incarcerated. One thing's certain: Sex shouldn't be a problem for him anymore, and he might want to stay in his cell 24/7 since most cons have a tendency towards killing child molesters and abusers. His fate should be the fate of nearly every incumbent holding office at this moment.

"Foster Child Sues Abusing Ex-Lawmaker," AP, 03.11.2008:

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