Sunday, March 16, 2008

Obama's Minister

Chicago--I'm not understanding the reaction to this guy--everything he said was essentially true. As a matter-of-fact, the reaction to his sermon really only confirms what he said. I know, I know: Obama needs to WIN. He wants those conservative votes, and the closeted racist pseudo-liberal ones (they're more racist than conservatives, and less honest about it). Watch the fangs come out when the truth hits. Too bad. Heraclitus noted that ignorance loves to parade itself everywhere. American culture embodies this daily.

No, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. was getting the same reaction that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. got over forty-years-ago when he came out against the war in Vietnam, and he's being indirectly told, "Shut-up nigger, we do the talking." Time to wake-up White America: you suck, you're racists, and merely voting for a Black man isn't going to give any of you that quick-fix from a reasonable degree of guilt. You deserve to feel guilty, it's only natural that a racist should. Cognitive dissonance hurts.

No Black God is going to forgive you without a change in your heart, and neither will the rest of the multi-colored pantheon. The rest of the living won't be very forgiving either when an economic collapse comes. You have to change. I know that's going to be hard. But, even a ten-year-old would know that, and it takes years of selling-out and rationalizing to be an American "adult." It actually means accepting a life of infantilism. America is literally teeming with this kind of individual. Black Americans have their share of racistst. Bigotry is anthropology. Greed and wanton aggressiveness has no color-boundary. George W. Bush has redefined the concept of "success" in America, alright--he's wrecked it, and I'm envious of that...

Sell-outs come in a variety-of-colors, especially in the world of hip-hop and corporate business (same thing). I'd say we should be attacking our capitalist gangster economy, but without proper regulation and oversight the neocons have done that work. How could most revolutionaries compete with the lawlessness and anarchism of the Bush/Cheney White House? Will we have that other part of our political cycle where the reforms come in, but where we keep the rotten-barrel?That's the most likely outcome, so the questions then become, "How deep will the reforms be?" For real change, they had better be very deep. There hasn't much regulating going on, and that's how you get these crashes. Will the market crash almost exactly to-the-day it did in 1929? Is this supposed to be like a Civil War reenactment?

We White Americans are arrogant, greedy, presumptuous, and profoundly ignorant and racist, it's a simple fact. Granted, many Black Americans are too, but who's been on the receiving-end of America's brutality and exploitation most, and who were the teachers? Who took the worst of the abuse, and who was victimized the most? That's right, the Native Americans! Black Americans probably rank second if we're going to be honest here, Mexicans third. And let us not forget that there have always been poor and working-class Americans all, struggling to survive like the subproletarian minorities. It's all shades of race and class, and if you're poor in this country, you may as well be just another minority, "the other."

I enjoin all my fellow White Americans to support the Reverend Jeremiah Wright Jr. in all of this. He and other Black Americans have something to teach us, as they have all along. My advice is to support the Reverend Wright--write him a friendly e-mail of support, a call, a card, and even a donation. He's saying the right things. Redemption means changing one's behavior, and lip-service-be-damned. Yet, all this said, somehow...somehow the media cares more about what the idiotic Louis Farrakhan has to say, it's all sensationalism these days. And here I thought that I'd never defend the preacher of a MegaChurch
, but there it is. Human beings have the ability to change socially and behaviorally, it can be done.