Tuesday, March 11, 2008

NY's David Paterson Could Be a "First" for Three Things

New York State--In addition to allegedly being Black, Lt. Governor Paterson is also legally-blind. Therefore, he would be the first Black governor of New York State. He would also be their first legally-blind governor. Best-of-all, he would be the first Black and legally-blind governor! The wheel of progress makes another inevitable turn! Who said revolution was dead in America, that's change brothers and sisters (Kick out the jams!). Now go listen to some Funkadelic and Parliament, and get really loaded beforehand, break-out the salvia. Our worker's paradise is at-hand, it's just that the greatest leaps in human progress usually happen on-accident. It's rare that it ever happens for the right reasons--namely, to meet human needs rather than wants. I'd take-it-up with the manufacturer, but nobody has heard from him in recent-days. Everyone--but me--is lying if they say they did. My God beats your paper, rock, and scissors. At least Paterson is a lover and not a fighter...uh-oh. So mote it be.