Friday, July 17, 2009

The C Street House: Was GOP Senator David Vitter ever an attendee?

Washington D.C.--The question should be asked: did Louisiana Senator David Vitter, serial-adulterer and whoremonger attend any "prayer" and counseling meetings at the now-notorious C Street House?

Considering the clowns who have already been unmasked, such as South Carolina's Republican Governor Mark Sanford, Sen. John Ensign (R-NV), and their inability to be men and simply resign, it would hardly be surprising. The C Street House hasn't been a total unknown within the beltway, but until the release of "The Family," by Harper's Jeff Sharlett, it was to the general public. Where might Vitter fit into all of this?

Vitter's lack of any real sense of shame or responsibility and his avoidance of accountability ring familiar.

The C Street House itself is allegedly there to "counsel" predominantly Republican politicians about misbehavior and general spiritual matters holding prayer groups, Bible studies, but something more akin to damage control for politicians within their fold. One has to wonder if blackmail is part of the equation. Ostensibly, then, the claim is that the people running the C Street House are attempting to hold these office-holders accountable, which is laughable considering its secrecy.

Yet, perhaps they are in their own minds to further their agendas.

Top Democratic leaders have also had involvement with the generally secret (to the public) prayer ministry, "The Family," who is alleged to run but not own the C Street House. Y.W.A.M. appear to be the owners, but it's still unclear exactly who owns the building.

The group--"Youth With a Mission of Washington D.C." and "The Family"--that owns the C Street House where GOP politicians apparently conspire to hide their sexual and criminal behaviors from everyone has an agenda: theocratic control of the entire world, calling it a "Seven Mountains Mandate," sounding far too much like a reference to the "Seven Hills of Rome," another pagan theocracy populated by degenerate men who avoided accountability at every turn.

What are the "seven mountains" these religious extremists want to conquer? A recently unearthed video shows that they want to control the world from America through infiltration of: business (seen as a key "mountain" to surmount/climb), education, family-units (good luck!), arts and entertainment, government, media, and religion. Pretty nutty, huh? I thought we were fighting religious extremism in the war on terror, yet here we have a homegrown subculture of them within our political and economic system. Who would have thought? Anyone with a pulse.

Funny, but this has all been done before, right? Correct: the Vatican and National Socialism. How's that working out for them today? Seven mountains. Why seven? It's a strange numerological fixation...

When you feel that you're one of God's chosen ones, you feel that you're beyond good and evil. This is the attitude of aristocrats, the main reason for the secrecy and the anti-democratic attitudes going in-and-out of the charnel house on C Street. Vitter is surely part of this subculture, and this writer predicts that he's going to be outed as a member, an associate at-minimum.

Postscript: I should add that in Why Just Her, Montgomery Blair Sibley makes the claim that Senator Vitter and his attorneys at the time threatened the DC Madam with attorney fees (Vitter's, she would have to pay them according to them) around February 25th, 2008. Three days later, Jeane wrote journalist Jason Leopold that, "The bastards aren't taking me alive," and forwarded it to me and my co-researcher. Did Vitter's legal threats push Palfrey to suicide? In my humble opinion, he contributed to it and should be made to pay.


  1. There's nothing sinister about the C Street Fellowship. The group just believes that "love thy neighbor" trumps the Ten Commandments if you're rich, white, male and Republican.


  2. No, I agree, and their weird adherence to Lenin, Pol Pot, and all the other cuddly people in human history isn't especially relevant. Good one.