Thursday, July 30, 2009

My favorite comment from the Phoenix New Times on Holocaust revisionism (the comments have veered completely away from Antas now...)

WWW--You've got to hand it to the fringe right, they're entertaining if nothing else and give plenty of openings for ribald humor and the worthwhile attack.

This commenter on a thread from the Antas piece page by Stephen Lemons makes a very worthy and humorous assault on Holocaust deniers that impressed me (want to write here?):

Whoa....we got us a gaggle of wild tards here!! Where to begin?
Ok tards, look away from your SS posters for a few seconds, put your cock back in your pants, and read carefully.
-To the brilliant historian who noted that the Iron Curtain came down in 1989, yet the plaque at Auschwitz wasn't taken down until 1990..I totally see your point. I mean, with the entire economy collapsing, the regime totally removed, and all the turmoil that plagued Eastern Europe(and still does) since 1989, it makes PERFECT sense that the first thing they should have done is change the sign at Auschwitz.
-Those who were to be gassed(there were many, many people at Auschwitz who were killed by means other than gas, and were not Jewish, such as Soviet POWs) upon arrival were not registered. Documents show that they were rounded up in their countries, documents show that they got on trains, documents show that those trains had such and such amount of people on them, but then upon arrival, despite such and such amount of people registered, portions of the trains' passengers just disappear, and the camp's population records don't show a corresponding rise in population. In other words, to break it down into easy numbers for my drooling audience:
5,000 people arrested in country X, 5,000 people on train bound for camp Y. Said train arrives at camp Y, population 10,000. 200 people registered, camp population records show 10,200 for population thereafter.
If those people showed up somewhere else, its on the Holocaust deniers to show where they went. Incidentally, similar methods were used in examining the NKVD records to prove their involvement in the execution of Polish officers at Katyn- yet I don't see Holocaust deniers falling over each other to debunk that theory. Oh and speaking of Katyn....
It is illegal in Poland to deny "Soviet atrocities". For some reason the champions of free speech like David Irving have nothing to say about that. In Romania it is illegal to publicly praise the late dictator Ceausescu- I guess by denier logic, Katyn must have been done by the Nazis, and Ceausescu was a great man.
Regardless of whether Holocaust denial laws are right or wrong, the fact is that these people are not being arrested for "doing research". They have not been arrested because they were found in a library, or going over archival documents. They are arrested because certain governments don't tolerate their accusations against entire ethnic groups.
By the way- yes, there were some claims, some at Nuremburg even, which were not true. It would be foolish to imagine that everything that went on at Nuremburg was just. In fact, some rulings at Nuremburg which WERE just, such as punishment for waging aggressive war, are not applied to the US and UK, among many other countries today. That is also injustice. That being said, the Holocaust deniers have consistently failed to explain certain key facts(incidentally facts they rarely allude to in their literature, only acknowledging them when challenged), and they have also failed miserably at explaining what really happened."

To say that I was impressed with Aslan's comments here would be an understatement. Laughter--and the facts--kill the lie.

Postscript, 07.31.2009: Thanks, Aslan, for illustrating how willfully ignorant Holocaust revisionists are so I don't have to and watch DVDs tonight instead. Thank you. Obvious? Yes. I don't even think they're worth rebutting, but someone probably has to do it...

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