Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Rush Limbaugh has Oxycontin™ psychosis: Refers to Ronald Reagan as if he was a Roman Emperor

WWW--The buzz today (pun intended) is that Limbaugh blamed President Obama for the death of pop star Michael Jackson, that "Jacko's" "individuality flourished under Reagan" and that it was all downhill from there, then he died thanks to Obama.

But that's not the craziest part, amazing as this sentence must read. What's craziest is Limbaugh referring to Ronald Reagan
as "Ronaldus Magnus," which is akin to the adulation once showered by long-dead sycophants on Roman Emperors.

This individual--not a man--has lost his mind to Oxycontin
psychosis. He's dead alright, he's all messed-up.

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  1. Fuck you Matt Janovic, I don't want to believe this, you're...oh shit, it's me. Ooops, sorry...