Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A note to anonymous commenters...

WWW--Hey, read the comments policy: if you want to sling, you gotta sing. If you don't post under your own identity and you have nothing relevant or constructive to add to the dialog, it's not going to published, period. Don't like it? I don't care.

I'm "restricting [your] rights to free speech"? Puerile (look it up) B.S., go create your own blog and write about what "an awful human being Matt Janovic is," go for it, I might even agree with you in-part and help you out! ;0)

However, if you're entertaining enough, I might just publish your comments to make yet another example of you and the typical moron demographic overpopulating A'murka today. If none of this makes any sense to you, I don't really care and find most of your comments very amusing indeed.

But if you think yours truly is as stupid as you are and that I'm going to get into a fistfight with the Invisible Not-a-Man (or woman, thanks Monty Python!), you're mistaken, and recall that I've got a bag of flour for just such occasions. You're hopelessly outgunned here, you will lose.

All death threats will be forwarded to local law enforcement authorities, and I will come after you. But rest assured that I've had them before thanks to my own past antiwar activities and that I wasn't deterred then and won't be now, so don't bother. Also, if you think your comments are demoralizing, you're mistaken, they're going to have the opposite-effect--just as the federal government's prosecutors...

Today's postscript: Apparently you morons down in Indy have reading and comprehension problems. I don't care about your comments and won't be posting any of them without an identity, period. However, if I feel like making an example out of you, I will, so you might watch what you write--you will live to regret it. Literacy: it's not just for breakfast anymore. Edumacation ist gut!

I'd ask what Reason magazine has to say about this, but I don't care what they or any Libertarian thinks or has to say.

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