Monday, July 27, 2009

Jaenelle Antas: The StormFront photos (nifty white hate cheesecake!)

--I captured these photos from StormFront posting from Jaenelle Antas's account
("Tristania," allegedly taken from a very bad Norwegian metal opera band's name), I doubt they'll stay up for much longer, but who knows? After all, she's pretty shameless about her stupidity as must idiots are. Frequently, when you want to attract foolish young men to hate movements, you use a little honey, countercultural and anti-establishment posturings, and a good dose of deception.

As a matter of obvious fact, deception is what Antas appears to be all about: she was a Libertarian, but not a Libertarian; she wasn't a white hate activist, but she is one, and so on. The real question here is whether the Indiana Libertarian Party knew she was what she in fact was and is: an ally of neo-Nazis internationally, a kind of adjutant of Holocaust denier and Mosleyite-styled figure David Irving, and probably someone the Indiana Libertarians wouldn't notice since they're far right wackos themselves. Not all of them are openly-racist, but many of their social postions could easily lead to inflaming racial tensions, and their connections to the miltia movement through people like Lew Rockwell are telling.

So, if you have a crappy ideology that the public would never buy in a million years unless they were independently wealthy, nuts, or both, you have to sugar-coat it with appeals through the tired iconography of rebellion, wrapped-in various cultural forms like music, flags, empty rhetoric, highly charged-imagery, and sex-appeal.

This all reminds me of the fallacy of an old countercultural conceit that was always wrong: "If so-and-so likes the same music as I do, they must be cool." Utter crap. Her tastes in music are an oxymoron, she has poor taste, if any, and I'm leaving-out Beethoven and Bach, everyone with a working brain-stem likes that shit.

Antas has confirmed that she's "Tristania," so there you have it, corroboration. By the way: it doesn't matter whether she's a fan of Richard Wagner or not, she's still directly or indirectly influenced by him, that's how culture works, often invisibly.

Welcome to public life, kiddo, I sure hope your parents didn't teach to think and act this way.

Bach in Black

Postscript: I showed these photos to my 65-year-old mother who immediately stated, "She looks like a hooker." Indeed, circa 1933...

Postscript, June 29, 2013: You can find a few of the photos that were removed here, from a simple Google search:,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.48572450,d.cGE&fp=7281391dcddcbf5d&biw=1366&bih=648


  1. Yes indeed, she could have worked at "Salon Kitty," the SS bordello in Berlin, spying on the rest of the Nazi hierarchy! Does she not illustrate how you have to be fucked in the head to be on the far right?

  2. She is accusing David Irving of rape. You should check it out.

  3. Nope, no indication that it's Jaenella Antas at all. No name (like you), no dates, places, no David Irving named, nothing. Nice try, try again.