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JEFFREY A. TAYLOR: "What's he up to these days?" and other tales of high weirdness

Washington D.C.--I didn't notice this, but Jeffrey A. Taylor resigned as an interim appointed U.S. Attorney on May 28th of this year. Yeah, must have been all that Michael Jackson news...oh yeah, and all that drama in Iran that we're all soon to forget.

But at least we'll never forget all those missing kids.

Occasionally, I get an email from someone "in trouble," and they usually tend to be mistaken or just plain weird or disturbed writers. This weekend, I got a real live one that might, or might not be valid. That said, it was unsolicited, I'm not an attorney, and she wanted her "help," so I'm
putting it out there mainly to see whether it's real or not. If it helps, good.

From Ms. Cooley, the entire text of what I assume is a form letter:

July 8, 2009

Dear [Matt Janovic/?]

My name is Michelle Cooley. I am a resident of the city [of] New York. I work for [a] customer support and tech support with a company called Arise. I am a single mother of a 14 year old boy.

These past 5 months I have been dedicated to the discovery process of investigating the parties involved in my late father's probate case. Amongst many possible legal violations -I have found possible elements of fraud, white collar crime, judicial fraud, IRS fraud, RICO Act Violations, and estate fraud. The estate could be worth possibly millions of dollars. My sister, myself, and sub sequentiality[SIC,] my 14 year old son would be the only heirs.

The last week of June, I discovered that the remains of my late father, William Mack Cooley, were missing from the Barrington, Illinios church where he was purportedly laid to rest. I was about to go to the F.B.I. with my information, and the documentation and evidence to back up my discoveries this past week - however impeding my contact with the F.B.I. was “gas leak” in my residence.

Starting on July 2, I was terrified and intimidated by a group of “FDNY” who appeared at my apartment on 2 occasions. I was told on both occasions that my gas had been turned off. I was informed by Con Edison that it had never been turned off. Apart from feeling terribly sick, I was terrified by the behavior of these “FDNY”. I have been a New York resident since 2000 and I have always found the FDNY very amicable and professional. This time however, I was treated with disrespect and contempt.

My life and the life of my 14 year old son were put at risk. Our gas was not turned off for over three days, despite being told that is had been by FDNY personnel. When I decided to go to the hospital to get tested for possible Co2 poisoning I was stopped by a group of amicable NY PD who informed me that someone had called them and told them “a women was passed out on the floor”. I never called the police that night. The NYPD did not seem to be aware of what was going on.

I was put in an Ambulance, and was told by an EMS worker repeatedly that I needed to “take my meds”. She then stayed with me until I was put in the psychiatric ward. She reported to the Doctor at Metropolitan hospital that I was “psychotic”, “suicidal”, “homicidal”, and “playing with the gas pipes.” She also told them I drank “booze”. Thankfully I was seen by a unbiased Psychiatrist at Metropolitan Hospital who released me just an hour later. I insisted on a co2 test, and was told my level was at 0.5.

I have never been diagnosed as psychotic, nor homicidal. I would never hurt anyone or anything.

I have repeatedly tried to find out the names of the FDNY who were dispatched to my apartment. No one at the FDNY, as of yet, will give me any information. I am too afraid for to even return to my apartment after what transpired this weekend. My family is afraid for my our safety as well.

The very people I grew up admiring and believing I could turn to for help – I now fear to call. My son and myself have been traumatized. We are both currently staying away from our home- too afraid to return.

Both my grandfather, and my grandfather worked for the United States Department of Defense.

There are many questions and concerning the events around my later father's death, and the handling of his estate by a the head Probate judge in Washington D.C.

As a citizen of the United States of America, I have a right to investigate the death of my father – and to find out what happened to his remains. My son and I have the right to live without intimidation and harassment.

I have since discovered that a Lt. Duggan was the person who was in charge of dispatching to Con Edison about my gas leak. The gas leak dispatch report was reported three days after the gas leak.

Robert McDonald the head supervisor of gas department was inside my apartment without me being there. I was informed by a Con Edison worker that “supervisors” do not usually go on “gas leak” calls at 1 am in the morning.

I have since learned that Lt. Duggan was in the army. I believe that all the “FDNY” that were dispatched to my apartment were Army reserve or personnel. I do not believe they know the reason that they were called for this “gas leak”.

I would like to inform them, and any anyone else, that I am a kind, caring human being. My son and I object to having been treated like an animals in a gas chamber. I also have the right to go to a hospital to check my physical health, and not be tossed into an ambulance whilst being accused and portrayed to medical personal with absurd accusations of psychiatric problems by FNDY EMS.

My son is an innocent little boy . He has done no harm to anyone.

For the record- I am not suicidal, psychotic, or homicidal. I do not no drugs of any kind. I am a daughter trying to find out what happened to her father. That is not a crime.

I am seeking protection and advocacy from the appropriate agency. We have the right to live our lives with the normalcy we had - before I discovered the possible criminal elements around my late father's case. I am attaching documentation to this letter with the cause of events, and other documentation.

My son and I are truly afraid for our safety at this point in time. We would appreciate any kind of support, advice, or protection..

Sincerely, Michelle Cooley ("Cooley to the author")

Pretty incredible claims, right?
In another email she sent before this one--the first one--she enclosed the document below with the claim on Icke's b-board page that, "Well I was looking through the court papers of my "bankrupt" father whose probate case is still open in the Washington D.C. probate court... And look whose name is on the paper work for the judge AFTER he's already RESIGNED!!!" (Comment "#13" from the link below)

Yet, there's no real context given. The date on the document is April 6, 2009. Taylor split on May 28. Disinformation? Could be. Does it sound like a bad spy novel? It sure does, hence my suspicions.

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