Friday, April 20, 2007


Oakton, Virginia
This must be a bad day to be a Republican, but what day isn't being one of the cursed? Today, it was John Doolittle's house being raided by the FBI, so it appears that the Bush administration didn't fire everyone they needed to, and that Jack Abramoff is still talking to federal investigators. You've got to love these prosecutors--they've been the firewall protecting our liberties against the GOP and this administration for some time, and especially after 9/11. No, they're not perfect, but many of them have been exemplary.

Today, in Oakton:

The search on the Doolittles’ home came the same day that Kevin Ring, a former Doolittle aide who went on to work for Abramoff, abruptly resigned his law firm job without explanation. Doolittle’s ties to Abramoff have been under investigation in the ongoing probe that already sent one former Republican congressman, Bob Ney of Ohio, to jail on a guilty plea to charges of conspiracy and making false statements. Doolittle is a Northern California conservative and ally of former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay. (AP, 04.20.2007)
Or maybe it was Doolittle's former aide, Kevin Ring who squealed? Both? Mugsy don't like it. Expect many-many more of these stories. The GOP seems intent on assuring a Democratic majority in the House for the next-twenty years, or why would they hamstring themselves so badly? Even Spiro T. Agnew was smarter than this, but they thought their majority would last long enough that they could escape investigation. A landslide occurred in our midterms, and they couldn't steal another election, it's that simple. People were watching the polls closer in 2006 as well. The public had had enough.

What we will learn once all of this has ended--in ten years--is that this really was a widespread criminal conspiracy throughout the body of the GOP. This is the third time in 35 years that they've attempted to subvert the Constitution they are all sworn to uphold. This period goes way-beyond that, and into the realms of gutter criminality.
Rep. John Doolittle, in measured but defiant terms, said Friday that he won't resign his House of Representatives seat and will battle the federal government if it brings charges of political corruption in connection with his and his wife's relationship with convicted super lobbyist Jack Abramoff. "If there is anything we should have learned from the Duke (University) lacrosse case, it is that the destruction of the reputations of innocent people can occur when the government, the press and the public jump to unfounded conclusions," Doolittle, R-Calif., said in prepared remarks opening a telephone news conference. (McClatchy Newspapers, 04.20.2007)
Except who said the Duke players are innocent (of holding a woman against-her-will in a bathroom, making her think she would be murdered...) except them, their lawyers, and their wealthy parents? That story isn't over yet because you and them say so.This should all be handled by our criminal justice system, one that has proven itself to be more loyal to the common good than most elected officials currently occupying the White House and Capitol Hill.

I'm actually proud of many of them, and would like to take this moment and saying thank-you to all these professionals who have refused to allow the investigative process to be criminally-tainted! Yes, it's people within the bureaucracy who have been trying to stop the Bush administration and their criminal fellow travelers in Congress. What will we find in the Supreme Court?

Future generations are going to be shocked at the period we're living in, and we should give them the appropriate follow-up: several decades of radical reforms that rollback the influence of Big business and finance.

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