Saturday, April 21, 2007


I know that no appeal to reason, traditional conservatism, temperance, or the common good is going to make any of you change, but mark this: we're coming to shut all of you down, we the majority. If any of you have violated the law in your support of this criminal administration and political party, we're going to push to have you investigated. If there's any evidence of wrong-doing, you're going on-trial. If you're found-guilty, you're going to prison. Also, we're also going to raise the taxes of all of you who make more-than $100,000-a-year. We don't care if you like it, but that's what's going to happen. Another thing will be clamping-down on the defense industry, and limiting their undue influence, as well as the influence of Big business.

But what's more, we really hope you react to all of the coming reforms extra-legally and/or violently. That gives us the right within the legal traditions of this system to jail you, and we will if we have to. You have supported the subversion of American democracy, and the rule of law in a civil society. If you continue on this route, we're going to stop you. We're already prosecuting and jailing your representatives in Congress, and we're coming for any of you who think that what occurred under the administration of George W. Bush is going to happen again.

The basis of all of this is that if any of you ever attempt any of this again, we're going to destroy you with our legal system, as well as with the internet. We will tar-and-feather you, something Americans haven't done to scoundrels like you for far-too-long. You have poisoned the dialog between the average American with your vile consumerism, your cancerous acquisitiveness, and the contamination of others with your inhuman greed.

You really all are a bunch of dirty scumbags with the diseased minds of criminals. You're anti-democratic Philistines, and we're going to take your criminally-acquired wealth away from you. Another thing we're going to do is limit your abilities at influencing the political process through PACs and lobbying. There are several reforms that will be coming--already authored--that are going to slam this door shut for decades. Not only will you not be winning any seats in the 2008 elections in Congress, you're not going to be in the White House for a very-long time.

We're going to be watching polling-places to see if you're stupid enough to try stealing any more elections too. You really are a bunch of self-destructive and fatalistic death lovers who have engineered their own destruction. All of this was made-possible by you, the 30% who are either insane, emotionally-retarded, or simply criminally-minded. It doesn't matter, because we're coming for all of you, and we're going to neutralize your ability to hurt our society any longer. The beauty of it all is--you really did it to yourselves...and us.


  1. I would like you to know that I have reported your site to federal authorities due to its militant and threating demeanor. I voted for Mr. Bush twice, and if that makes me a target, well, I just thought I'd better tell someone so they can check you guys out, make sure you're not planning anything. You understand how it is.

  2. Okay i didn't really. But seriosly, is it really criminal too vote for a guy? The answer is no. So why threten people like that?

  3. No, you're just criminally stupid. Thanks, I know the law. Re-read the article. If you've been involved-directly with their criminality, like turning Blacks and the poor away from the polls illegally, or any of the hundreds-upon-hundreds of violations of federal law, you can bet it was a threat.

    Also, thanks for posting your name, you must really stand behind your so-called beliefs. Your grammar and spelling are atrocious, but I'd expect that from you. Thanks for the obvious framing of the issue where it didn't apply. If you morons had to rely on the truth as a defense, you'd be fucked.