Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ken Russell's The Devils (1971) still-unreleased: Please sign the petition (once)

Warner Brothers are still dragging their feet on releasing this film to DVD. Here's a link to a petition (now at 462 as of this writing). It's like suppressing Eisenstein's Battleship Potemkin, because The Devils is an important-part of Western cinema, and probably one of the most-important political films ever made. BFI has listed it as one of the most-important British films ever made.

Why isn't it available? I would wager it's the institutional-memory at Warners. They're mad that Russell got-away with making it, and other movies, that irritate authoritarian-types. There are a couple renegade-versions of this film available on the internet--searches will take you to them without much effort. You've never seen anything like it. Maybe they can release it when Blu-Ray is obsolete (it'll be a hologram, but it won't matter by then).

Petition to Barner Wrothers to re-release Ken Russell's The Devils Uncut:

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