Friday, April 20, 2007


" As of now, I'm in charge here."
--Secretary of State Alexander Haig, 1981, at the War Room press conference
after the botched assassination attempt on then-President, Ronald Reagan.
Hint: he wasn't next-in-line.

74-times at yesterday's hearings, all related to conversations about the U.S. Attorney firings. He also forgot to bring home ice cream on those occasions, but he had other things on his mind. Hey, he's no Ronald Reagan, but who is? At least the Gipper had the senility defense, he was dodderingly-old at that point during the Iran-Contra hearings (1986-87). Someone--John Hinckley Jr.--whose parents and brother were friends with George H.W. Bush and his family (especially Neil) had shot him in his first term. You've got to admit it: them-thar' Demopublicans are wily...coyote. Yes, it will be the ACME of the GOP's genuine accomplishments. Those GOP politicos and cronies sure have poor-memories. I guess that alone disqualifies them from holding public office.

Reagan smiled a lot, and said things you would expect from the senile in these United States. The mentally-lazy in our great nation usually resort to phony patriotism, a sports-fixation, and beer. So anyway, stupid greedy people with no imagination or intellect felt sorry for him, and found him unthreatening. Isn't America uniquely stupid? Yes, we're an exceptional (failed) nation all right. Maybe that's why I never hoist-the-flag on our pole--we're wondering where our America went. Think like a dumbass (John Byrnes), suffer like a dumbass (John Byrnes). It's Nixon time, drop the naivete. America, what a mining-town! Alberto Gonzales: still a poor-excuse for a Mexican, or an American.

Neil Bush and John Hinckley's connection (AP, 03.31.1981):

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