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"...the tentacles of this matter reach far, wide and high into the echelons of power in the United States.'' --Former D.C. Madame Deborah Jeane Palfrey in recent court-filings. (Bloomberg, 04.30.2007)

wArSHINtUhN--She's about to spill-the-beans, so someone at the GOP (and DNC) had better get some of those CIA contractors ready to ice her--ohhh, too late. She's going to reveal her list this week if she doesn't get some favors, since the federal prosecutors don't want to play nice with her by allowing specific evidence into the record. The Feds have also confiscated virtually everything she owns, including her assets (no, not those, silly, she's 50).

I'd imagine we'll all be very surprised--and not--by who's on her list of clients who needed to pay for sex--at least what wifey wouldn't do at home to/for them. This has been brewing since before the November 2006 midterms, and it didn't help putting them off as we all know.

It's interesting that nearly all of Ms. Palfrey's prostitutes were college educated and that her clients preferred their sapphic qualities. I'm honestly wondering if Condizzi frequented the D.C. madame's service. There's smoke, so let's blow some up her ass. Back in October of 2006, Palfrey claimed:

"I never kept records," she claimed. "I protected the client's confidentiality...they trusted me." But Palfrey did speculate that she may have come to the attention of federal agents because her operation had somehow intersected with a more high profile case, like that of convicted ex-congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham. Investigators are reportedly examining charges that a defense contractor provided hookers to Cunningham as part of an influence-peddling scheme. (, 10.09.2006)
Yet, it appears that she did keep some records for later. The above quote gives us the motive for why she kept records of the names of all of her clients--they might snitch on her. Since Palfrey was busted running a similar operation in California in 1990 (serving 18 months, then turning-around and starting a new service immediately upon-release), it's assured this is the same deal--prostitution.

No, I don't mean they were politicians, but they're related through fluids. Question: did anyone use cigars, and how many of the accused will claim "it wasn't sex"? Tobias already has, slinking-back to that cesspool known as Indianapolis.

Considering "Miz Julia" had 132 women working for her, the net covering Washington D.C. insiders is going to be extremely wide. This writer wagers that several senior politicians, federal department bureaucrats, and an army of Bush appointees will be caught-up in all of this, and even a few Democrats will populate their ranks.

On Friday, Randall L. Tobias resigned as deputy secretary of state one day after confirming to Brian Ross of ABC that he had patronized the Pamela Martin firm. Speaking yesterday on "Good Morning America," Ross said Tobias told him Tobias's number was on Palfrey's phone records because he had called "to have gals come over to the condo to give me a massage." There had been "no sex," Ross quoted Tobias as saying, and that recently he has used another service, "with Central American gals," for massages. Tobias, who is 65 and married, was director of U.S. Foreign Assistance and administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development. He previously held a top job in the Bush administration overseeing AIDS relief, in which he promoted abstinence and a policy requiring grant recipients to swear they oppose prostitution.
(Washington Post, 04.29.2007)
Correct, there are rules for you, but not for those of us in the GOP and other ruling-circles. Except if you get caught, which in America, makes you an asshole. Tobias is married, incidentally, so he's got some explaining to do. If his wife doesn't divorce him she's an imbecile. According to Palfrey's attorney (a man named Sibley), no less than five of her former clients' lawyers have called asking if they're on her list.
But back to Condaleeza Rice: "More revelations are in the offing. Ross said the list includes the names of some "very prominent people," as well as a number of women with "important and serious jobs" who had worked as escorts for the firm." (ibid) My-my-my. A few other names already released: Dick Morris, and Dr. Harlan K. Ullman (a university professor who wrote on military strategy--couldn't he just have sex with his students?).

Isn't power wonderful? These are the rewards of power, these are the things that all good men and women work for, these goals of power (besides murder). The Rev. Jim Jones knew this well when he demanded sex from his followers, and noting the basic inequalities (primarily economic) in our society, the People's Temple was merely a microcosm of what we see here in Whoregate.

The options for young men and women are narrowing as the concentration of capital commences. You get the picture (I hope). Criminalizing prostitution was always wrong-headed, and it was rich American women who pushed hardest to make it a reality. It wasn't out of kindness, that would be a statistical anomaly.

This scandal just underscores the reasons for why it should be legal: the lost tax-revenue, no regulating of sexually-transmitted diseases, and a misuse of law enforcement when they could be pursuing violent criminals (like Cheney).

More on Randall Tobias:

Tobias, formerly the chief executive of Eli Lilly & Co., assumed leadership of the U.S. government's overseas aid agency on March 31, 2006. He also served as the coordinator of all U.S. foreign assistance, a position created last year by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. The suddenness of Tobias's departure caught officials by surprise. Two days before his resignation, at an event to mark the U.S. commitment to battling malaria, Bush lauded Tobias's work at USAID and at his previous job where "he led America's monumental effort to confront and deal with the HIV epidemic on the continent of Africa.'' (Bloomberg, 04.30.2007)
Just not in his own pants or those of his colleagues. One should note that the Bush and Quayle families have controlling-shares in Eli Lily, so it appears they reward their underlings with jobs and hookers, and perhaps even narcotics. It would be a supreme irony if many of the clients contracted HIV/AIDS, or perhaps, syphilis.
Speaking of syphilis, it should be noted that when George H.W. Bush was president, he was ordered by the Supreme Court to cease-and-desist from illegal lobbying for Eli Lily while he was president twice. He did not comply. There are similar tales from the annals of Rome, but I won't bore you with them. However, Suetonius' "The Twelve Caesars" is a good-place to start. Legalize prostitution, you're only hurting poor women, not the pimps and the Johns.

The Smoking Gun, 10.09.2006:

"I abhor injustice." So do I, dearie. (The Washington Post, 04.29.2007):

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